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Beijing 4S store Volkswagen Santana’s total price reduction promotion 123]

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Volkswagen Santana Price Court [123

[ 123]

2019 1.5L manual


2019 1.5L automatic

123] 9.79

version of the country vi

electric discourse [123

2019 Hainer 1.5L Manual fashion version of the country Vi


24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

Appearance: Santana’s front face uses the massan multi-banner grill, the grill and the headlights are very trend, the headlights are very It is characteristic, and the lower grille is very old. The waist line climbing next to the body is very sporty, and the smooth body is very fashionable, and the shape of multiple wheels is very beautiful, and the luxury is slightly luxurious. The layers of the tail are strong. Multi-level planning is very characteristic, and the planning of the small duck tail is very beautiful, the tail light is very marked.

24 hours salesSolder: 186-1086-2770 Song Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

24 Hours Sales Hotline: 186-1086-2770 Song Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

Interior: Master New Santana’s cockpit planning Multi-faceted, the central consolidated table selects a lot of imitation peach, the multi-active steering wheel with the leather material has many manipulation buttons, such as volume adjustment, channel conversion, mute buttons and phone answering energy, etc., all love it by consumers. The disc is used to use traditional twist planning, and the owner can see the water temperature, oil list and other parameters.

(10,000) Sales “ Offers
Shang version of Vi 8.69 [123 】 Sales National wind
Sales ↘1-4.5 Electricity 2019 1.5L manual comfort ↘1-4.5
2019 1.5L automatic comfort version of the country Vi Sales National ↘1-4.5 Electricity
↘1-4.5 Electricity 2019 Haner 1.5L automatic fashion version of the country Vi Sales
TV 2019 Haner 1.5L automatic comfort version of the country Vi Sales of the national ↘1-4.5

The masses Santana will be equipped with an EA211 series 1.5L natural inhale engine, the masses Santana previously Equipped with FAW-mass Jetta with the same PQ25 small car platform with Santana. The masses of Santana The maximum power of 81KW, a peak torque 150 nm, and the masses Santana drive system will match 5-speed manual / 6-speed manual transmission.

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