Volkswagen Tiguan l How much is the top of technology

Recently, the author learned from the SAIC Volkswagen Dealer, the store in the store is available in the car, and the maximum combination of the car is 10,000 yuan. The current car is full of cars, the color is complete, selling nationwide, no regional restrictions, no regional restrictions, Fully complete, nationwide warranty, provide pick-up service, all procedures go through the car, come to the store to buy a car without any additional conditions, welcome friends to the store to talk about!

Tips: During the event, you have a chance to get a car. The manufacturer sponsored (20,000) decorative split package. This store considers that the foreign customers come to Beijing to buy cars, (successful car) can be reimbursed to Beijing one-way traffic charges [train ticket, high-speed iron ticket, plane ticket (limited to two people)] Considering that foreign customers are not crossed. There is a special car to pick up, welcome to the store to buy a car.

2021 280TSI automatic two-drive Zhi version

2198 million



2021 330TSI automatic two-wheel drive Shu enjoy version

selling national

The car is sufficient

2021 330TSI automatic two-drive Zhi enjoy version



[123 ]

2021 330TSI automatic two-drive R-line flagship

selling national

Electric meter



The current car is sufficient

Two chrome-plated decorative strips connect the front headlights and demonstrate the public family To be exhausted, under the reflection of the tiger-like fog, the shape of the whole face is more fashionable. The side of the vehicle is extremely tensioned, and the steady waist line is abundant in front and rear wing plates, giving people a thick feeling. The vehicle tail shape is round and full, the rectangular LED taillights are the pen of the vehicle, and the scientific skills of the Tiguan are pushed to the climax.

Second weight: guarantees quality to ensure professional testing before each car is factory factory, you can drive home on the same day

The third security: ensures that the vehicles sold can be set up normally, and the national six emission standards.

Guide Sales Cash discount Current car case [ 123]
[ 123] Electric meter
Electric meter is full of cars
2021 330TSI automatic two-drive R-line Yue Edition Sales National Electric meter The car is sufficient
2021 380TSI automatic four-wheel drive r-line Yue Edition 7 2698 million
Electricity The car is sufficient 2021 380TSI automatic four-wheel drive R-Line flagship 7 285,800 Sale National
The interior of the Tiguan still reflects the mass design, circular instrument panel plus round air conditioning outlet, The interior layout presents the gesture of the Chinese rule. Sanxial steering wheel and overall texture of the seatYes, highlight the active breath. The instrument panel uses a red pointer, white digital design, speed, fuel consumption, etc. can be clearly displayed.
In terms of power, the 2016 Volkswagen Tiguan has three displacement engines to choose from. Among them, the maximum power of the 1.4T engine is 110KW, the maximum output torque is 250 nmIddot; M, the 6-speed dual clutch transmission; the maximum power of the 1.8T engine is 118KW, the maximum torque is 250 nmIDDOT; M, which matches the engine is 6 Block manual and 6-speed gearbox; 2.0T engine is 147KW, maximum torque is 280 nmIddot; M, matching the engine with a 6-stop handlet. The store has a six-guarantee: The first heavy guarantee: the original product car ensures a new car non-accident rework car. The specific price is subject to the phone or to the store.

Fourthweight: The goods are provided on the day Fifth security: the sold vehicles can be stored in all parts of the country

Sixth Security: Due to the restricted purchase of the company, the company is now developing the field market, and the company can be reimbursed for the company for foreign friends. (Reimbursement of two-person-free car fees) All employees welcome you! Dedicated to your service! All employees of this shop are looking forward to your visit, your satisfaction is our service! [ 123]

Business hours

: Monday toSunday (9: 00-17: 30)

Factory direct sales, full cars, complete color, can go throughout the country, national warranty [ 123]!

Contact telephone

; 151-0000-4686 SECRETARY FOR TECHNICAL SMER (24 hours)

[123 ]

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