Volkswagen Touareg group purchase promotion welcomes buy

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (national) [123

Recently, the new public in the public 4S store has been promoted by group purchase price. In the store to complete the sales task of manufacturers, 2020 Volkswagen Touareg Official promotion, up to 160,000 discounts, the current car is full of cars, complete color, sales nationwide, no regional restrictions, complete procedures, customs, vehicle consistency certificate, PDI test certificate, maintenance manual, three-package certificate) All over the country can settle, nationwide warranty, purchase of 20,000 yuan gift package,


Guide price (10]

discount amplitude (10,000)

electric discourage price

[123 ] Electricity price

The current car is sufficient

Volkswagen Touareg

2019 3.0TSI Ruifeng version of the country Vi

1-6 million

The battery price

is full of cars

Volkswage Touareg

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (national) [123

The new Touareg is 4878mm, width 1984mm, high 1702mm, axial distance 2894mm, wherein the length, width, and the wheelbase are improved. The new design of is the same design with the new generation CC, and the front and back lights are LED light sources. 19 Tu Rui provides seven driving modes (economy, comfort, standard, sports, off-road, snow and personalization) to choose from, in different driving mode, the suspension characteristics are also different.

24-hour sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 Dile Manager WeChat Synchronization (Sales National)

Special price (10,000) Current car Volkswagen Touareg 2019 2.0TSI pilot version of the country Vi 1-6 million
is full of car [ 123] Volkswagen Touareg 2019 2.0TSI sharp version of Vi 61.98 1-6 million
2019 3.0TSI Hudi version of Vi 81.98 1-6 million Electricity Base price The current car is sufficient Today, Phaeton has become a legend. The high-end car is only a single way to the big beam. When the Audi Q7 in the MLB EVO platform is listed on the market for a long time, it is late for the Touareg “of the” Parent “, and the 2019 Volkswagen, which is based on MLB EVO platform is officially launched. It is not only Touareg. The third generation model of the series is also the most cost-effective one of the imported SUV models of the Volkswagen MLB EVO platform.

Interior In terms of a new generation of Tu Rui equipped with a 12.3-inch large-sized liquid crystal dashboard, a 15.3-inch central control screen also supports gesture operation, and its operating interface can be customized. It is worth mentioning that the entire center console is also slightly tilted on one side of the driver, which is convenient for everyday operation. The leather material seat provides a good comfort, filling is soft, and the rear seat supports 4/2/4 proportion of detachment, and the rear preparation floor is kept flat. When loading and unloading the article, the rear suspension can also be manually controlled. .

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (national) [123

To the rear row, although this gate-level Touareg rear air conditioner does not have a separate temperature zone control, 220V power supply, the USB interface is not lacking Bit, coupled with the rear small table board with the cup holder, responding to the temporary office when the rear row is ride, and there is no one. In terms of space, for such a long-width high size of 4878/1984 / 1686mm, the driving space will not be contributed to users within 185cm of the general body. The only regret is that the ternation of the four-wheel drive system is high, although the rear row is very spacious, but it is difficult to place three passengers.

24 hours sales hotline: 186-1086-2770 song managers WeChat synchronization (national) [123 ]

This store is committed to: 1. The maximum comprehensive offer during the event is 1-6 million yuan.

2. The owner himself with ID card to fill in the vehicle letterInterest, foreign customers need to contact the sales manager to handle procedures in advance.

3. During the company’s solemn commitment activities, you can enjoy the lowest price in the country during the sales model, buy expense difference.

4. Our store is a regular brand new commodity vehicle. Enjoy three national warranty three-pack policy. And you can authorize the regular 4S shop for free in a regular 4S shop for free, and post-maintenance.

5. For foreign friends to buy a car success, the company can reimburse the toll. (Reimburse the two-way fuses) with valid bills).

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