Volvo XC40 pure electric version of the life of 400km starting WLTP

Beijing at 00:30 on October 17 points, the Volvo brand’s first pure electric vehicle (Polestar as an independent brand) – XC40 pure electric version of the official release. 78kWh car equipped with a battery pack, a longitudinal axis of each motor is mounted, integrated power system 414Ps, maximum torque of 660N · m.

appearance, the car uses a “Scandinavian” design philosophy, design with a high degree of recognition in a closed network of “Quake” big lanterns, the continuation of the family Volvo design language, but also allowed fuel version of the model has been compared to relatively more independent distinctive shape characteristics.

capable compact vehicle-side lines, wide C-pillar design allows the vehicle gives a heavy feeling, engraved column C “RECHARGE” words from the left and the visual effect charging interface below the C-pillar is exposed the true identity of the car.

consistent with the design of the rear fuel version of the model, the L-shaped tail light personality full body contours remain bonded to the longitudinal sides of the tail exhibited. According to official said car body will provide eight kinds of colors, including the new Sage Green metallic paint. At the same time, the new car will provide 19 inches and 20 inches two kinds of wheels for consumers to choose.

Inside, the Volvo XC40 pure electric version followed the fuel version of the design, minimalist style in the control layout looks both high-grade sense and sense of technology. Detail, the car door trim, three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, and the air conditioning vent at the bottom of a physical key in the control panel are added to a decorative chrome right elements, to enhance the texture of the interior is highly effective.

car is also equipped with Android Automotive OS system Google Android Auto system developed based on built-in, including Google Assistant, Google Maps and the Google Play store, so that the vehicle control screen become like smart phones use the same logic to meet current consumer demand for vehicles machine, the system can be connected to digital services platform with the Volvo Volvo onCall realize connection through Volvo On Call, the future of Volvo’s plug-in hybrid car owners can query running in pure electric mode time.

Since the internal combustion engine is reduced, XC40 purely electrical version of increasing the capacity of about 30 liters prepared before hand, lifting the loading space of the vehicle. In addition, the new car in the net also added ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) sensors. The system will be multiple radar, cameras and ultrasonic sensors, a joint venture owned by Volvo Technology and Veoneer Zenuity development.

based on the Volvo Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) and build a pure electric version of the XC40 also conducted a special security features designed for electric vehicles, such as battery installed under the vehicle floor, and a safety cage designed and energy-absorbing buffer zone with pleats to ensure that in the event of a vehicle collision the battery can be protected from damage; Further version of the front cockpit electric-XC40 and rear portions, also Volvo Also made a targeted strengthening.

Dynamic aspects, XC40 purely electrical version of each of the fore mounting a motor, the overall system power 414Ps, peak torque of 660N · m, 0-100km / h acceleration only need 4.9s; battery capacity of 78kWh, voltage 400V, official WLTP mileage up to 400km, in the fast charging systems, battery power can be charged from zero to 80% capacity in 40 minutes.

Volvo each year to maintain the rhythm of a pure electric models in the next five years will be to reach a pure electric vehicle by 2025 accounted for 50% of the brand’s global sales target, while the other 50% of sales are is derived from a hybrid. Volvo will also all of its pure electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids collectively referred to as “Recharge” series. From early 2020 onwards, every user login Volvo’s official website will be first prompted whether you want to purchase “Recharge” series models. To further promote the popularization of electric vehicles, every Volvo “Recharge” plug-in hybrid car owners will also receive one year of free charging interests, the owner can obtain a refund of electricity through mobile applications.

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