Want sports, home are both! All three cars can not miss!

the end of the year, is the major car firms get together on a new day. A few days is 2020, and we have to look far, heavy car market in December.

Ford Edge occasion

18.98-21.88 ten thousand yuan

understand Ford Escape friend should be no stranger to the car was the best-selling North American compact SUV, but after it carried out domestically by the Changan Ford, was officially named the “sharp occasion”, were pushing 3 models.

sharp occasion based on the new platform to build, the current location is between Maverick and sharp boundary, while the previous generation of wing tiger and sharp interpersonal and sales under one roof. In order to meet the young consumers, sharp occasion have regular version and ST-LINE two kinds of appearance and style options, different models will match the 18 and 19-inch wheels respectively.

body size, length and breadth were sharp occasion 4585/1882 / 1688mm, wheelbase 2710mm.

sharp occasion interior switching to a new family-oriented style, stronger sense of hierarchy becomes the center console. Low distribution models will be equipped with 6.5 inches LCD instrumentation, and high-equipped models will be equipped with 12.3 inches full LCD instrument. Within 12.3 inches of suspension in the control panel, equipped with SYNC + Chi Heng infotainment systems, voice recognition, and provides iQIYI etc. App.

In addition, car switch to the gearshift knob, and equipped with keyless entry, a key to start, automatic parking, a wireless handset charging, induction after the boot-type, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlet, reverse image, a key four window lift, panorama sunroof. Security configuration level, the new car will be equipped with models in lane keeping, adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring and anti-collision pre.

Ford sharp inter equipped 2.0T EcoBoost turbocharged engine, the maximum power of 248 horsepower and a maximum torque of 393 mi bovineddot; m, matching 8AT gearbox. According to data given by the official, 0-100km / h just 7.5 seconds, as well as intelligent four-wheel drive system.

Volvo S60

28.69-46.19 ten thousand yuan

[ 123]

in recent years, after using the new Volvo design language, the new car’s sections have brought out more vitality, I put them affectionately called “Quake family.” Similarly, the new generation S60 also comes to overhaul, launched a total of seven models.

the appearance of the new S60’s exactly like its big brother S90, and is divided into Sport and Deluxe Edition two styles. Wherein Sport models using black honeycomb grille, mirror housing black, surrounded by the front Nouveau; deluxe models using straight waterfall chrome grille, mirror housing outer body color and style luxury It surrounded ago.

body size, the length and breadth were new S60 4761/1850 / 1437mm, wheelbase 2872mm. Depending on the vehicle configuration will provide 17, 18-inch wheels, and there are five kinds of styling options.

Volvo’s minimalist design once again reflected in the new S60, S90 and his brother is also very similar to the overall layout. An 8-inch low distribution models full LCD meter, with models used full LCD meter 12.3 inches, 9 inches wide standard in the control panel.

Dynamic aspects, T3, T4, T5 Edition models are equipped with 2.0T engine. Wherein the maximum power of 163 horsepower version T3, the maximum torque of 256 cattle middot; m; maximum power of 190 horsepower version T4, the maximum torque of 300 Nm middot; m; T5 maximum power of 250 horsepower version, maximum torque of 350 Nm middot; m.

T8 Edition 2.0T engine models equipped with a hybrid system consisting of an electric motor, a maximum power of 303 horsepower, the mostTorque 400 Nm middot; m. 8AT gearbox comes standard with all models, except for the four-wheel type T8 version, the other versions are precursor model.


11.49-15.99 ten thousand yuan

[ 123] FAW – Volkswagen’s first small SUV, explore the shadow of appearance or inherited many design elements of classic song Big brother exploration and exploration Yue into account, launched a total of seven models.

Probe Movies based platform to build MQB-A0, the overall shape and design of the European version of the T-Cross very similar. This look, you do not need too much introduction, I am sure the “Matryoshka” Design public should be flattering.

Body size, the length and breadth of each probe Movies 4194/1760 / 1601mm, wheelbase 2651mm. With models using a 17-inch two-tone wheels, matching tire size 205/55 R17.

interior design is quite familiar, popular family-date design, functional partition layout is reasonable, still looks very delicate. With models with full LCD instrument panel, 8 inches in the control screen, support for Apple CarPlay / Baidu CarLife function. In addition, some high vehicle includes dual zone air conditioning, panorama sunroof configuration.

Power, Movies probe sets provided 1.4T and 1.5L powertrain. Wherein 1.4T four-cylinder turbocharged engine maximum power of 150 HP, maximum torque of 250 Nm middot; m, matching 7DCT transmission; 1.5 L of four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine maximum power of 113 horsepower and a maximum torque of 145 cattle middot; m, matching 5MT / 6AT transmission.

Of course, I picked out three cars just one of many models on the market in December, more focused. Watch the car Horizon Technology, to tell you the messageFor models with more new cars for everyone to see.

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