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Wat armor design style eye-catching, Geely Loss X pre-sale 116,800 yuan

September 14, bought the car network Buycar learned from Geely Auto, the new model of the company officially opened the world’s pre-sale, the new car launched 4 models, the pre-sale price range was 116,800-146,800 yuan. It is understood that the new car positioning coupe SUV, the style is more motion, the front face machine is particularly eye-catching, and it is very visual impact.

Aspect, Bofa X uses a new upgrade style, the overall look younger, exercise, front grille, the front surroundings are also vaguely constitute X-type, Echoing with the car name. On both sides of the black grill, the new car is equipped with the latest LED headlights, and the internal light set is highly identified.

The vehicle side is designed with a suspended roof, and the end of the running tail is not adopted at the time of time, and the hidden exhaust layout is enclosed, and chrome is installed. Decoration, looks great. The tail design is relatively simple, providing conventional separation headlights and black surroundings.

The new car inner style layout maintains the style of the Bofeng family, with blue-white black three-color design, the luxury atmosphere of the entire cabin ]very good. The large-sized central control screen and the air conditioning panel button are re-integrated, and the overall sense becomes stronger, and the transmission gear area is also re-layout, and the overall visual is significantly improved.

Configuration, the new car provides three-radioped moving steering wheel, full liquid crystal instrument panel, and in-embedded central control screen. In addition, the electronic gear, automatic air conditioner, driving mode switching, panoramic sunroof and other configurations are provided.

Dynamic, Bofa X will be equipped with a third generation 1.8TD turbocharged engine, maximum power 135kW, peak torque 300nmiddot; M, the transmission system is expected to be consistent with the current model, and the comprehensive fuel consumption of 100 kilometers is 7.7L.

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