Watch at professionals, accompanied by! Czech Republic is about to open the way X95 dismantling

[ Juxun Wang reported ] Looking at the domestic automobile market, the consumer trend toward more and more SUV, more and more car companies will also focus on SUV models, resulting in 2019 the influx of brand SUV market, fierce competition is self-evident. With 2.0 times the car gradually stabilized, all aspects of the basic model of the monotony, the young state, high-profile, intelligent, big space, small displacement turbo, how to choose has become the biggest doubts the minds of consumers. Since it is similar to the surface, then the car dismantling of view, look at the quality and structure of the car itself is worth buying?

Jie way is what brand?

JETOUR Czech passers Chery Holdings launched a new product series, Chery relies on many years of experience as an endorsement, a common modular design, enabling faster product development, improve product cost. At present the Czech Republic’s way launched a total of 5 models including new generation Jie way X70, X70S, X70S-EV, X90, X95, X70 coupe will be available in the Czech Republic passers years later. After a 90 as younger consumers, we are more focused on what? Yen value? space? High-profile? power? Safety? Or manipulative? Children only make choices, as adults we all want to! McNair way in order to meet the above requirements and focus on building its product, as co unqualified please read on.

how our impression of the way the Czech Republic models?

before dismantling scrap have been Square Czech way X70 2018 models 1.5T automatic line version of the statue, analyzed the six items in the dismantling process, including: safety, health, technology, driving , consumption, intelligent. With higher security, smart technology and three scores.

X95 Express way is what kind of car?

November 28, 2019, the Czech Republic passers-X95 officially listed, the official guide price of between 9.99-15.09 million, many of the media attention and consumer after the listing. X95 look into the way the Czech Republic ldquo; emblem of the city leaders rdquo; design,Digital cockpit interior luxury, four-screen Internet is the main selling point of the Czech way X95, gold power 1.6TGDI + 7 speed wet dual-clutch combination all too familiar.

Czech Republic, X95 way to do equally well in terms of security, the Czech Republic passers-active safety X95 is very rich, including tire pressure monitoring, 360deg; panoramic image, BSD blind spot monitoring, LCA lane change assistant, a rear cross RCTA collision warning, DOW door warning, the FCW anti-collision warning, lane departure warning system, the LDW. Automotive safety systems are large and complex, in addition to the active safety, but also the need for more passive safety, passive safety structure more reasonable, rational layout and so on. These contents, there is no follow-up will share with you the reservation.

This time we how to play?

differ dismantling the past, we in the front of the vehicle dismantling, will do first details of a long and careful measurement experience, including static and dynamic evaluation, long-distance driving, fuel consumption, driving safety configuration , intelligent interactive, spatial experience, and I bring the family to find real cars and other festive scene during the Spring Festival, to see which way the surprise victory X95 can bring us? After the Spring Festival, we will be completely disassembled, the body contains the content, materials, structures and engine technology. If you are interested Jie way X95, or there may want to know in advance the contents of a message to our interaction. The author will be recorded in a small notebook, the content can be output for concern to everyone in the follow-up experience.

When you meet?

February 17 14: 00-16: 00, please lock together “scrap Square”, the process of dismantling the entire broadcast X95 Express way, have any questions or want any direct site Tucao interactive, asked would be finished! We are there or be square!

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