Wei be adjusted on the new public embrace some details Spy Shots

A few days ago, we received a new public Wei Lan road test spy photos from the relevant channels. Overall new car continues the previous vehicle styling, but some adjustments on some details.

Wei embrace new subject to change in appearance, wherein the main details of the upgrade dress before and after the new style and surrounding the front and rear LED light group and the like, wherein the headlight further added matrix LED light source, and a new style of LED daytime running lights further enhance the sense of technology. At the same time, the lowermost bar chrome car has also been bold front grille, both ends of the inner angle headlight is integral with, a more holistic. In addition, the new car before surrounds the lower air intake and fog lamps for a comprehensive styling modifications, applications, curves make it look more elegant.

and in the rear part of the test vehicle’s tail Passat still use the word, but moved to the middle of the rear logo, which is in the public Ang Hui, the new Touareg keen to use the new design, the new Passat and other new domestic models. The new style LED taillights chamber interior lamp optimized shape, boomerang shape comprising three LED brake / width light, looks more sense of technology and freshness. At the same time, surrounds the bottom of the car is also switched to the new style of the through chrome bar, matching is bilateral total two chrome-plated exhaust port.

Inside, the car comes biggest highlight a new dress style steering wheel, integral with the vehicle Overseas remain consistent in the control panel size reference Overseas 9.2 inches. Test car was not equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, or as a low distribution models. Dynamic, we have yet to get more information, but the new Wei Lan is expected to continue with 1.4T / 2.0T engine on the current model, the former maximum power of 150 hp and maximum torque of 250 Nm, transmission matching 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox; the latter maximum power of 220 horsepower and a maximum torque of 350 Nm, 6-speed transmission system match the dual-clutch gearbox, in addition to four-wheel drive car will provide alternative systems.

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