Wei busy to financing, Tesla joined the fray, repairer “new forces” struggling to survive

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2019 drawing to a close, the passenger car market in November retail sales were up 5.1 percentage, compared to November 2018, the chain growth rate of 3 percentage November of this year, the trend improved slightly, but is still weak. In this environment, the repairer of the new forces are still in full swing in the just concluded Guangzhou Auto Show a sense of a wave of anger brush existence.

But, once vowed to talk so much about “PPT” them, and how was it this year? The completion of goals? Today small take you to see the status quo that four of survival.

Wei to car: Scandal-ridden, 5 billion financing or stranded

From the development to the market, Wei to create an almost mythical listed automobile industry. Just four years after its creation, high-profile listed on the NYSE last year, its deliveries also repairer of the new forces in the crowd.

According to the latest data show that in October, Wei to car delivered a total of 2625, growth of 25 percentage , an increase of 61 percentage. Among them, in October this year, Wei to ES6 deliveries to 2220, a total of 6829 delivered this year; Wei to ES8 deliveries to 306, up 4 percentage.

As of October this year, Wei to deliver a total of 14,867 cars, new forces among the top 10 months sales list. Since the start of deliveries in June last year, Wei to deliver a total of 26,215 cars. As we all know, Wei to deliver full-year 2019 target car for the 4-5 million.

In September this year, after Wei to announce second quarter earnings report, the outside worldIt was established four years loss of 40 billion yuan of “feat” exclaimed again and again. Because Wei to the loss rate has exceeded the industry leader in another Tesla. Moreover, in recent years, Wei to financing difficulties also deep, spontaneous combustion, such as layoffs storm, its product strength but not the focus of everyone’s attention.

Although there is still no indication that Wei to have no future, but the “burn” too fast, Wei still be troubled. Find the money, financing, Wei is to daily operations.

Recently, rumors that Wei had to negotiate a sum of more than 50 billion financing intentions and Zhejiang Wuxing District, there will be Wei a 200,000-per-year plant settled locally. It is worth mentioning that, as early as 2016 by Jia Yueting the helm of the music, as announced plans to invest nearly 20 billion yuan in Huzhou Deqing country Moganshan Economic Development Zone LeSEE super eco-car eco-car factory and the town. Unfortunately, with Jia Yueting “will not come back,” this project will let the matter rest.

may be “pie” is difficult to digest, informed sources said that after the local government assessment that the project risky, and ultimately did not sign the financing agreement. In other words, Wei to $ 5 billion financing program temporarily stranded, Wei will continue to embark on the road of financing.

Union New Energy: 2020 more selling pressure

Union New Energy was established in 2014 10 month, is the first to get 13 new energy vehicles licenses auto companies, has a total investment of over 2.5 billion yuan. The new status of Union energy now though and can not be Wei, Weimaraner and other comparable body mass market, but the development process is fairly normal.

aspects of the product, its pure electric car Rebels Rebels U compact SUV officially unveiled at the just-concluded Guangzhou Auto Show, the new car based on the Eureka 01 the overall design and build a concept car, full of strong sporty styling, us two U-drive version of the model NEDC mileage to 501km.

and will soon start the construction of new energy Yichun Union-wide ecological wisdom factories, but also united in the new energy repairer to expand the strength of an important part. Plans to officially put into operation at the end of 2020, planning capacity 100,000 / year, its subsequent production models will be off the assembly line here.

in July 2018, Zhang Yong, president of New Energy Union announced in Wuzhen: “Our goal is to achieve by 2020 a total of more than 10 million of the sales volume, and strive in the domestic new car prices in the energy market position in the top ten. “in addition, Union has launched a new energy sounds very powerful new” Archimedes plan 1.0 “to layout product next three years.

However, data show, us auto sales in October 1002, in the sale of the main models Rebels N01 only a model. 1–10 months, the Rebels total vehicle sales of 8228, which means that next year to sell nearly 90,000 to complete goals. Which is scheduled to be available later this year Rebels N03 has also not yet clear launch date.

Xiaopeng car: reputation stability, storage potential to go in

compared to the Wei to the Weimaraner and negative ridden, Xiaopeng car performance this year is fairly stable. November 13 morning, Xiaopeng Motors officially announced that it has signed a C round of financing, the financing amount up to $ 400 million. Founder Xiaopeng Xiaopeng car recently in an interview, also said: Xiaopeng is the largest of all new car repairer enterprise cash inside the company.

August 26, 2019, Xiaopeng Motors announced the official arrival of its new retail model, the first batch of 11 authorized stores already opened in sync . The 11 stores are located in Beijing, Tianjin, Chengdu and other 9 cities, is the first completed open authorization stores.

in the just-concluded Guangzhou Auto Show, the new electric car Xiaopeng coupe P7 officially opened sale, the price range of 27-37 million. Internet intelligent vehicle positioning gene coupe, the listing will direct domestic benchmarking Model 3 Tesla.

From the beginning of last year, with Xiaopeng Weimaraner because similar product model size, the price is similar, also had some competition. But two completely different positioning, Xiaopeng from the Internet genes; Weimaraner start from the manufacturing, stressing that “if the foundry can not sleep at night.” From January – Accumulated amount of insurance on October of view, Goodway still ahead of Xiaopeng, and maintain a certain advantage.

Today, Xiaopeng Xiaopeng G3 as the only one in the car’s sales potential production models. In October, 1015 to get the sales data. 1–10 months, the cumulative sales of 11,944, was awarded third place repairer new forces, but from the beginning given the 40,000 target is still far.

worship Teng: Production delays, qualification problem to be solved

worship Proton cars was established in 2017 in September, those Internet companies to build cars is different, thanks to the start Teng statement will not find the OEM foundry, but to choose their own mode – self-built factories to build cars. And thanks Teng also one of the new concept of intelligent repairer forces in the most aggressive team, which took first model M-Byte stereotypes production car debut in Nanjing on November 6 this year: 1.25 meters wide, across the central control large LCD screen, visual verification, gesture recognition and other functions, is impressive.

In June 2018, thanks to Proton to obtain the favor of the FAW Group, the successful completion of $ 500 million B round of financing. After that, the global management team of 24 high-end talent to form the basic shape. Everything seems to be moving in the right direction, executive team members have in large well-known brands to work independently, responsible for the work has a wealth of experience and deep connections, these looks can help Proton cars quickly establish worshipHeel, and grow.

worship Chief Officer of Dingqing Fen Teng also said that to break even in three years, confidence in the future. At the same time, thanks Teng’s Nanjing plant has started production, everything seems to be in good direction, but the surface of prosperity can not conceal the reality of the plight of the production car is still not off the assembly line.

and, thanks to Proton currently plaguing the qualification problem has not been solved. October 9, Deputy General Manager of FAW Xiali shares in answer to a question friends said, has not yet received part of the money knowing and Nanjing (Ji Bai Teng parent company) on behalf of the Beverly company to return, which means that thanks to the Proton has not yet received repairer qualification. Then, thanks to Proton car home in response to confirmation, said: “Things are still in the normal advance on payment-related issues, thanks to Proton and FAW Xiali always maintained positive communication, and following the proper arrangements..”

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[summary] from the sales and delivery situation, the repairer of the new forces are not going well in the days of the year, had vowed to set goals now hardly achieved.

With the first car off the assembly line of domestic Tesla Model 3 official, who run the new forces veteran of more than ten years in the new energy automobile race track, with a new way to enter China again . Which is the domestic brand of new energy and new forces is not a small impact, the future remains to be done in 2020.

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