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Wei collar, Bora xenon headlights distance light switching jitter description

relates to a vehicle: Polaris mounted xenon lamp lens group, Wei collar models.

the contents of failure: or more portions of the vehicle when the xenon lamp is switched to the lens group near the light beam, the light cut-off line jitter.

the group consisting of a xenon lamp trim ring lens, up ring, the lens holder, the baffle subassembly, mirrors, light bulbs, and the bulb holder (FIG. 7).

FIG. 7 xenon lamp lens structure

where a replica of the flapper mechanism in turn, fixed baffle plate, shaft, sleeve, and the electromagnetic valve holder (FIG. 8).

FIG. 8 replica mechanism structure

Variable light principle xenon lamp lens group is the solenoid is energized, the inner coil generates a magnetic field for moving core an effect, causes the movable core to the stationary core pull, with a connecting rod connected to the movable core driven flapper downwardly, opening, formed beam. Moving core after power back by the spring in the initial position, closed, restored to near light (FIG. 9).

FIG. 9 shutter operation

Therefore, due to the limited lens structure, when the high beam is switched to the low beam, the suction solenoid valve instantaneous power disappear , flapper switched from the open to the closed position, the flapper cushioning and shock absorbing rear fixed fence instantaneous rebound, resulting in a slight jitter light type (FIG. 10). This situation is normal.

FIG. 10 between the rebound cushion tailgate events cause a slight shake type light

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