Wey brand new SUV spy photos exposure is likely to take the “coffee drive”

Recently, we have obtained a group of Wey brand new SUV models from the relevant channels. Unlike the “mosaic” modeling of the previous camouflage car, the new car uses coffee stickers with formula patterns, and there are many fashion labels in Beijing, which is very attractive. Combined with profile changes, intelligent mounts, and the recently released coffee Zhizhi “331 Strategy”, which speculates that this car is “a new SUV that is now available at the current VV series”.

From the spy photos, the camouflage stickers of the whole car use a variety of formulas and numbers 0 and 1 as a pattern, revealing strong Technology atmosphere. Among them, the most conspicuous formula is a commonly used conditional formula in artificial intelligence, while numbers 0 and 1 are “Wey” three letters binary ASCII code. According to this, the car will undoubtedly take the intelligent technology line, which is likely to take the “coffee-seeking driving”. Many scientific and technological configurations published by the Great Wall Group’s conference include configuring laser radar, with Navigation on HighwayPilot: High-speed automatic pilot auxiliary driving) function, which may become China’s first automatic driving car for the entire car redundant L3 capability.

The front face adopts the family-class three-order vertical lamp design of the Wey brand, the vertical front feed grille size is large, and the whole front of the head is very impact. . The side of the new car uses smooth and smooth design, using hidden door handles, very technological. The roof is slightly declining from the front of the car, with a small spoiler, showing an intensive posture that is ready to go.

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