What are the current measures can effectively improve the preservation rate of new energy vehicles?

In the automotive market, the hedge ratio will be a big factor in evaluating a car post-use costs, but also new energy vehicles are facing a big disadvantage. Many small partners in the choice of new energy vehicles, have had to consider the issue of hedge rate. Now then, what measures can enhance the value retention of new energy vehicles it? Or because of what factors, increasing the rate of new energy vehicles will be so bad?

fundamental product strength

product strength for the late hedge ratio is a car has a huge impact we are familiar with some of the extraordinarily high rate hedging models, without exception, will have a advantage on product strength. Therefore, new energy vehicles want to preserve and increase the rate increase, we need to make sure to perfect their product strength. Only consumer recognition of your product, think your product is excellent enough, late that people will be willing to spend more money to buy.

fast iterative update

iterative update too fast, will indirectly lead to increasing the rate of new energy vehicles become difference. Some 1 to 3 years of prospective new used new energy vehicles, but with today’s new energy vehicles have a large difference in technology, so consumers have no reason to spend more to buy a technology has lagged behind price models. Of course, at this basic level, new energy vehicles battery decay, and so will lower overall ownership hedge rates have no small impact.

Summary: These are some of the reasons the new analysis of the low energy of the car second-hand hedge rate. Overall, there are some aspects of defects, it has now led to new energy vehicles in the used car market hedge ratio bleak situation, not easy to want to change this situation, the time required is long.

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