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What are the misunderstandings in the wheel modification? Modified hub must pay attention to these points

ldquo; modified RDQUO; For China’s car consumers, it has always been dare not touching. Because my country’s law has not supported car modification, and the foreign gap is large.
However, as my country has become a car big country, and even the auto power, the car modification is also increasingly becoming a strong demand for young people to show personalities. Therefore,

my country’s regulations have made some relaxation policies for automobile modification, such as the application for change driving licenses;, reforming the style can not be modified; the body pull flowers do not exceed the 30% of the car paint can be changed.

Among them, in addition to the transition, the most modified enthusiasts are welcome, and the hub is contrast into the foot or shoes of the car. The style of the wheel is sometimes enhances the beauty of the whole car.

However, although the policy is released, the car wheel can be modified, but the regulatory restrictions are also clear. You can only change the wheel style and color, and you cannot change the size, width and other values. This is worth it. Note. However, according to regulations, only modified styles and colors, you also need to pay attention to many parameters, because if you buy a parameter, the wheel is lightly installed, and there is a security hidden danger.

1, the number of selection inches and J value
my country’s law stipulates that the car wheel modification cannot change the size, so it is necessary Consistent with the original car. Buying is a ten-inch wheel, it can only change the hub of ten inch. General Wheel Size will be clearly marked in the vehicle configuration table if you don’t know the hub size. You can also find LDQUO; rrdquo; the number behind the tire, not only the size of the tire, but also the size of the hub.

As described above, the tire size is LDQUO; R17RDQUO; and thus the hub is also a 17-inch hub.

In addition to the size of the hub, the LDQUO; J value RDQUO is determined. The wheel width (j value) is a distance between the flanges of the hub.

The J value of the hub is generally in inches, and the common J value has LDQUO; 7.0jrdquo; LDQUO; 7.5jrdquo;, ldquo; 8.0jrdquo;, therefore, hub The J value is different from the tire width unit, and the value cannot be obtained from the tire, and the size and J value data need to be found inside the hub.

2, confirm the central aperture, the number of pores, and PCD

determine the outer size and width of the hub, it needs to be confirmed A lower center hole size, hole number, and PCD of the original vehicle hub.

The center hole is matched to the axis of the wheel, and the central pore size is just consistent with the original vehicle shaft head, the size is small, the size of the size affects the vehicle. Stability, generating jitter. Therefore, the central hole is an important value that the hub can be installed normally.

The number of holes refers to the number of hub bolt holes. There are several bolts for the original vehicle to fix the wheel, and the hub of several apertures is required when changing the hub.

As an example, the black hub has five bolts, so it is also necessary to select the hub of five bolt bolts.

The PCD is a circular diameter of the hub bolt hole, that is, the diameter of the bolt holes. This numerical fit hole number determines the fixation of the hub. The above three values ​​are determined, directly determined whether the hub can be installed on the original car.

3, the hub is biased Et

In addition to the hub can be installed according to the original size When changing the hub pattern, try to select the wheel offset ET value, so there is no problem with the interference body and the steering system.

However, if the hub pitch of the hub pattern selected is different from the original car, thenCare will be carefully considered whether the vehicle is driving.

Because, the distance is the distance from the center line of the hub to the mounting surface, and the ET is LDQUO; induces depth RDQUO;, this value zero, positive or negative offset Yes, the impact is that the hub is modified or protruded outwardly.

In summary, the data cannot be ignored for the hub modification, because the hub and tires are the only part that supports the vehicle on the pavement. Wheel modification requires not only legal compliance, but also understands your hub parameters when modified, otherwise you only look at color and look, buy it is likely to be installed.

However, in addition to the size, a pores, the pitch ET must also need to pay attention to the vehicle, otherwise the vehicle can cause interference on travel and steering.

Learn to these, you can rest assured that the bold hub ~

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