What are you need to do if you need to drive a tram to run 1000+ km?

The motherland mountain river is a big good, the road is provincial provinces and small road Tongcun Village. In theory, as long as you have a car, you can drive to any city in the inland area, no pressure.

Why? Is your pure electric car … This reminds me of an ancient one saying.

Confucius said such a sentence: “Parents are in, not far, tour must have a party.” The ancients were more mysterious. In this sentence, “Tour must have a party” is not literal mean, but it means: You have to tell your parents, you are ready to go.

Today, the driving of a pure electric car also needs “Tour must have a party”: You’d better know where you are going, how far you are, how many kilometers have a charging station How many charging App will be installed in your phone.

Suppose you want to drive the tram to run long distance, from Beijing to Guangzhou, how many of your mobile phone need to be loaded with charging related app ?

In fact, even if there is no charging app at all your mobile phone, there is only one navigation map app, and it is quite safe along the way.

Search “Charging Map” in Gao De Map, all charging stations in the northwest of Southeast of the country have all eyes.

We can clearly see that there are fewer charging piles in northern part of Xinjiang, Qinghai, Tibet, Inner Mongolia.

Top Navigation App

Ok, this article is written here, thank you for watching!

I only write such something, I really can’t help you. Now I re-let us … Drive a tram to travel to 1000 kilometers to do a few steps?

■ Step 1: Guangsa Da Net, advance planning

If your destination is in 1000 kilometers, you can only drive the tram, doing some small homework in advance.

If you want to know how many charging stations on this road, can you only have one manual to a one with a navigation app is stupid?

No! I recommend that you install “Power and Power” App, which is a practical small app for it.

“Power-added App” is not good at helping you find a pile when you run long distances. After all, you will open a navigation map app during the long-distance process. Navigation speech will also remind you to charge your front service area (you need to enter a new energy license plate number).

Things “Power-up App” is good at helping you find piles, scanning, summoning the charging car in the city (the core urban area of ​​the big city, the closed highway is not supported),

The most important thing is It can help you high efficient planning route before you depart.

When you use the “Power-powered” App Plan the route and generate a road map, you can click to enter the site and see each charging station [123 ] The number of charging piles, charging unit price, the user charging frequency in the last week . If someone recently charges it here, the charging pile of this site is healthy.

Planning: Before going out, spend 15 minutes to browse the status of charging station along the way one by one, you can make your heart more. This app is wonderful to generate a roadmap in one button, and the efficiency is super high in advance.

But then that day, you don’t have to open it again, people’s eyes + navigation find pile is basically enough.

■ Step 2: Follow the fish, lightly installed brief

The old saying is poor, but “Fu Road” is not let everyone carry heavy bags But it is lightweight to bring more money. The driving train runs long distance, and choose the app to be lightly simple.

The highway service area is the world of national grids. If you run long distance, it is best to install “E Charging” app. Convert to the service area”E charging” app for payment, use navigation in urban area to find piles, use navigation to pay the charging pile of various brands, so that this will make you feel very clear.

■ Step 3: Operate, avoiding the armpits

Open the pure electric car to run long distance, be sure to avoid the armpits in the highway Stop in the middle of the road.

After the vehicle thoroughly, the power battery and the small battery will be empty. At this time, the vehicle will not be released, and the charging pile will be charged.

Even if the trailer drags the pure electric car of the nest, the trailer can only drag the car to a safe place. In the face of the air-electricity small battery of the pure electric car, this kind of gadget is usually helping. You have a probability that another car is connected to the small battery to take electricity, then carry out more than 10 minutes. Slow charge can only open the fast charge. Need not to note that many pure electric vehicles are written within the instructions: It is not possible to charge other vehicles. Therefore, your small battery is lost, and it is more secure to find a fuel car.

▲ Tesla Model 3 Description Festival

▲ BYD Han EV Manual Festival

If the cumbersome process described above, no one wants to experience it?

Flash: If the electricity of the car has already seen the bottom, and it is obviously not to rush to the next service area, then you need to stop at the car “still moving”, and cautiously in the rear 150 Rice set the triangle warning logo, and then call the trailer. In this way, the trailer can drag the car to the vicinity of the fast-chappid pile to charge, soon, it can be completed.

A prepare can have no problems, and it is better to have a small problem.

■ I have to drive the tram to Tibet, what should I do?

Driving a pure electric car to Tibet to play a challenge, although the charging pile is rare, especially after entering Sichuan ProvinceIt is a premium player that is charged at each service area, but this small difficult is still difficult to make a superior player who is challenging.

▲ B station UP master: Du Si Cong Electric Vehicle Cars

Mr. Du Song is a player who is a challenging player, he has driven his BYD Han EV path 318 Sichuan Tibetan line brave Tibet. On the place where there is no charging pile, he is charged by the flying line.

▲ High-rise Flying Line Charging Dafa

Where there is a wiring board, pure electric cars can be reached, although the plugboard usually only support 1.5 to 2 kilowatts of charging power, but good car can still be charged.

Flash: If you want to challenge a tram to brave Tibet, then you need to pay attention, the charging gun given by the car is not enough, you need to match a length of 25-30 meters long. The line can ensure that the flying line is worry-free.

■ Write in the last

“Drive, not far away” is no longer used to ridicule today’s pure electric car, now driving a pure electric car far It is not difficult to travel, no matter whether you go to play or challenge the limit.

We comb your full-text content, if you want to open a pure electric car to travel, you need to know:

1, you can use “Powerd App” quick planning roughly route before travel [ 123] 2 To “take the initiative”, instead of being forced after a small battery loss

4, believe in pure electric car, you can, it can also!

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