What budget 10-15 million to buy a car? Take a look at these five models, the key is cost-effective

As the market competition is more fierce, major automotive manufacturers have launched a corresponding model, especially the SUV field, in the field of SUV, good vision, good view due to high vision of SUV, high vision In line with my country’s current national conditions, the models that can be chosen on the market are more and more. Today, I will buy a car price range of 10-15,000 consumers. I recommend 5 individuals who think they have a relatively cost-effective model. I hope to provide some help on your car.

NO.1: Bake 02

Price: 11.28-1818 million yuan

Since Geely After launching high-end brand, starting from the packet 01, six models have been launched in just three years, in which lead 02 is the second model of 01, the main city cross-border wind. The appearance has a distinctive collar family element, the daytime driving light of the Northern Auroraity style has high recognition, the vehicle body length is 4448 * 1890 * 1528mm, the wheelbase is 2702mm, and the hinges are still Too be ample, but as long as it is not long-distance, comfort is still satisfactory.

The interior style is also bonded to the current young trend, the center console and the surrounding door panels with a variety of design elements, bringing very good Fashion atmosphere. The full LCD dashboard and 10.25 inches are all standard, very thick. In addition, from 147,800 yuan, the L2 level driving assistance system is provided, which can reduce the driving fatigue of the traffic condition and high speed cruise.

Dynamic aspect provides 1.5T and 2.0T engines, the maximum horsepower is 180 horsepower and 190, each match 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, It is worth noting that the 1.5T engine is a three-cylinder structure, but it is benefited from Walvo and Geely to optimize, the driving texture is basically the same as the four-cylinder, and consumers who are worried about jitter can be relieved.

No.2: ChanganCS75 PLUS

Price: 10.69-15.49 ten thousand yuan

as an important model of Changan brand recovery, CS75 PLUS set a credit them enough to load the history of Chang’an. The model is so successful is inseparable from its excellent product strength performance. Car uses large spindle grille design style throughout the whole car with red moldings on, so that the whole car looks very sporty, to be fair, if the front face of this flag is not Chang’an but Toyota, Honda joint venture brands such case, the car sales will be more popular than it is now.

flagship technology sporty interior, dual 12.3 inches screen with built-in smart car Indus system, can provide car networking, navigation, voice control, etc. a series of useful features, in addition, red and black color interior style people sitting inside there is always a fierce drive impulse.

Dynamic aspects, CS75 PLUS provides two power 1.5T and 2.0T, respectively, from the speed matching Aisin 6 and 8 sushou gearbox. 1.5T dynamic performance more than 90 percentage sufficient to meet the road, if you want perfection, then more power 2.0T is your best choice.

NO.3: Hover H6

Price: 9.8-14.1 ten thousand yuan

Since the budget to 10-15 million and that how could dare to make the famous Harvard H6 absence of it, not to mention Hover H6 just completed updating, the new car appearance changed over the past moderate, steady style, turned to the young movement direction to move closer. Body length and breadth were 4649 * 1852 * 1710mm, wheelbase is 2738mm, the data compared to the old models have increased, especially in the back room of a problem in the past been criticized, in this generation has been real improvement.

interior style walk wind technology is simple, full LCD instrument panel in the control + + HUD head-up display screen composed of the three-screen linkage, the driver can rowCar information mapping in the corresponding screen, greatly increasing the practical and interesting. Meanwhile, the interior offers a variety of color options to meet different aesthetic preferences of consumers.

power, the current third-generation engines provide only 1.5T, the maximum horsepower 169, future matches 2.0T engine, the maximum horsepower 224 horses, 7-speed transmission system equipped with dual-clutch gearbox.

NO.4: Mazda CX-30

Price: 12.99-19.99 ten thousand yuan

If do not care about space, and back usage is not high, then I want to have a breath of Diudiu Petty Mazda CS-30 is great for your choice. Family spirit moving car uses design, large size blackened in the network on both sides of complex shapes sharp headlights, have very strong attack atmosphere, in proportion compact body, was added in a large area of ​​the wheel arch trim position of the black, with a visual to cross-border movement of wind. New car length and breadth were 4395 * 1797 * 1545mm, wheelbase is 2653mm.

is taking the Japanese interior light luxury style, looks very simple, not too messy and complex elements of interior materials this is relatively lower, center console and door panels on both sides are using soft materials covered position, in terms of visual or tactile, can feel a certain sense of quality.

Dynamic aspect, 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum horsepower 158, peak torque of 202 nm, matched 6-speed manual transmission. In addition, it also provides the latest black & Chong Chi blue sky X engine, using compression ignition technology, but also further reduce fuel consumption and provide smoother power output at the same time.

NO.5: Honda Bin Chi

Price: 12.78-17.68 ten thousand yuan

For Honda , the SquareBetween circulating a saying “buy engine to send car”, which though slightly exaggerated components, but it is undoubtedly praised the Honda engine attainments in the field. Bin Chi after the mid-term facelift equipped Civic models with 1.5T engine, maximum 177 horsepower and peak torque of 220Nm, matching CVT gearbox, one hundred kilometers acceleration time increased from 1.5L naturally aspirated version of 11.5s to 8.9s, with level of competing products without cars can match his.

As for exterior and interior, after all, “buy engine delivery vehicle,” Well, send things are generally not good to go, so helter-skelter Chile and interior styling is not its strength, especially in the interior materials, most of the area is covered with a hard plastic, feel good at the same time due to temperature changes will cause abnormal sound, sometimes affect mood. However, its rear space is worth points praise, although the wheelbase is only 2610mm, but thanks to Honda’s ability to optimize space, leg room is fully guaranteed for daily use is no problem.

In summary, these five SUV models are based on my personal preference recommended by the product, each vehicle all have their own distinctive features . But even so, or departure from their usage scenarios when you purchase a car, choose the best fit with their models can use up more handy.

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