What is 4MOTION?

In 1986 Volkswagen took the lead on the GOLF models equipped with “syncro” 4Motion four-wheel drive system is the predecessor of today, when the silicone oil as a viscous coupling limited slip transmission

1.4MOTION the Glossary [123 ]

in 1986 the lead with VW GOLF models in “syncro” four-wheel drive system is today 4Motion predecessor, when silicone oil as a viscous coupling limited slip gear

historical development

2.4MOTION of

In 1998, the introduction of the Swedish company Volkswagen Haldex coupling, using from Haldex art limited slip wheel-drive system is named 4MOTION. With the high degree of electronic technology, compact structure, excellent characteristics become the core of Volkswagen’s four-wheel drive technology.

launched in 1986 Volkswagen Golf syncro is the first production car equipped with a four-wheel drive system 4MOTION models, after which the public 4WD expanding family. We are familiar with the import MAGOTAN (B6) 12, such as the Phaeton and Golf R models are used at all levels of the four-wheel drive mode.

In 2002, after successive years of the launch of the Touareg and the 2007 Tiguan, Volkswagen’s SUV models also officially joined the ranks. Equipped with four-wheel drive system, so that by the vehicle and the handling has improved. Basic Introduction

3.4XMOTION the

4XMOTION second generation turui ● assembly 0TDI diesel models can optional. The optional package called “TerrainTech” all-terrain technology package, but this requires the installation of Volkswagen factory to construction work, because it involves some changes to the core of the core technology.

4XMOTION usingAWD old turui structure, the center differential and using the same large Cayenne electronically controlled multi-plate clutch structure, and increasing the electronically controlled clutch-type multi-plate central and rear differential lock, the lock can be realized percentage 100 climbing ability to reach 45 ° (second generation Touareg 4MOTION use of 31 °). There are five modes: Highway mode, off-road mode, low mode, additional locking center differential, additional rear axle differential lock. From the structural point of view 4XMOTION four-wheel drive is very powerful, and its off-road performance than ordinary 4MOTION structural strength a lot.

we can understand: the second generation standard Touareg 4MOTION (Torsen use), the TDI diesel version can be optional 4XMOTION (using multiple disc clutch), and this 4XMOTION the new version of the Touareg, in fact, the infrastructure or the use of the previous generation core technology. Core technology

4.4Motion the

Haldex center differential has developed into a multi-disc clutch differential control system, the purpose of intelligent distribution of torque by the interaction with mechanical means electronically controlled hydraulic system . The multi-plate clutch according to different models arranged in different positions, some near the axle differential, some similar to the transmission method Audi blend.

The principle is similar clutch manual transmission car, but the pressing force between the friction member into oil pressure by a spring force. Basic structure: an input shaft end radially fixed by a spline of the clutch plate; an output shaft molded integrally with the housing, the inner housing is also mounted the multi-plate clutch plates.The torque distribution is achieved by the action of the hydraulic pressure of the clutch plate, the level of hydraulic pressure determines the magnitude of the torque distribution, and the hydraulic pressure is generated by the ECU controls the solenoid valve. With this smart guy ECU, as to when and where the number of torque distribution to each wheel, naturally easy.

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