What is a fridge / car fragrance air conditioning system?


What is?

by the fragrance generating means micropump aroma absorption through the vehicle air duct to form a loop odoriferous vehicle.


what’s the use?

· keep the car air cleaner, play a role in purifying the air.

· create a more comfortable interior atmosphere and improve the texture and sense of luxury vehicle.


You know what?

· perfume cartridge is generally placed in a glove box for easy connection to the air conditioning system. But it will occupy a certain space.

· manufacturers typically offer a variety of flavors for the owner to select a fragrance.

* Some models can install two fragrance cartridges two fragrance can be used interchangeably or in combination in the car.

Fragrances system switch and the concentration can be adjusted by dedicated keys. If no key is required is adjusted by controlling the vehicle.

· After the vehicle air-conditioning duct form a cycle, the aroma can distribute more evenly.

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