What is an inflatable seat belts?

during normal vehicle collision accident occurs, the belt will have a tight operation, the occupants which firmly fixed to the seat, but since the striking impact strength, often occurs occupant strangulation the injury situation, in order to avoid such occurrences, and the occupants of the damage to a minimum in the event of a collision accident, Ford R & D department, decided to combine safety belts and airbags. In originally designed belt, the reserved one air bag and an airbag similar to sensing device, while in the tight belt generated when the operation, this will also inflated airbag, the elastic space, so that the seat belt when tight for occupant injury is no longer so intense.

inflatable seat belts

Ford engineers will first use of this new type of seat belt in the back seat, and hope that this design can effectively reduce the occupant’s head, neck and shoulder injury twice, and due to the large area of ​​air bag protection, but also allow passengers torso injuries decreased again, the situation is due to the seat belt tight and visceral backlog, hope can be improved by this innovation.

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