What is and auxiliary line?

1, the role of

For novice or even people who often drive, driving the process line and are very difficult to eliminate the dead zone, because the body design the reason, the mirror can provide to our visual range will always be some blind spots exist, the driver’s head can not always writhing, this will increase the traffic but more dangerous. So people think the line and auxiliary equipment, the principle is very simple and similar to our common reversing radar.

principles and auxiliary line

and secondary lines may also be referred to as a blind spot monitor, this form of apparatus is in the left and right rear-view mirror or elsewhere there to remind motorists behind the car.

Volvo BLIS (Blind Spot Information System) around two mirrors has two cameras built under the influence of the dead zone behind the back to the onboard computer display screen, and a mirror on the column and line alert lamp driver alert attention blind in this direction.
corresponding to the respective Audi side assist system, a built-in mirror inside a small lamp to warn the driver, and the rear is determined according to the radar data of the vehicle speed and position data obtained by the radar of the vehicle.


Volvo and auxiliary line called blind spot information systems referred BLIS. BLIS first to get from 2005 onwards on the XC70, V70 and S60 models such as the application, after which Volvo all models have adopted this system. Located outside mirror camera will root from 3 meters wide, 9.5 meters long and a blind sector image monitor 25 frames / sec, if speed is greater than 10 km / h, and the vehicle speed difference itself 20-70 moving object (vehicle or pedestrian) between km / h enters the dead zone, each image comparison system, the system that when the target intakeWhen step closer, A column warning light will light up, to prevent accidents.

“BLIS system works schematic”

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