What is anti-skid pad?

also known as car mat car mat, is placed on the dashboard of a car skid pad, because it is made from a polymer material, so it is strong adsorption properties, slip can play a role in preventing put automotive accessories put things slide. Skid pad may be made from various materials. There are more common PVC mat, silicone mat, PU anti-slip pad.

1. The anti-slip mat classification

1, of PVC material

The main component of PVC powder, adding other ingredients to enhance its heat resistance, toughness, and can convert chloride to produce vinyl chloride, which is an essential part of PVC. Vinyl chloride polymerization process of attaching PVC molecules together to form a chain.

generated in this way was polyvinyl chloride material process from a white powder, anti-aging agents, modifiers and the like, by kneading, calendering, vacuum forming, etc., which is characterized by light weight, insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof, fire-retardant, bending strength and impact toughness, higher elongation at break, simple in construction and so on. Size, color, design variety, highly loadedDecorative nature, can be used in production of gifts, wires, pipes, building materials and so on, it is loved the world, is quite popular and also widely used as a synthetic material.

2, PU material

It is a commonly used polyurethane polymer material. Polyurethane is a new polymer materials, because of its superior performance and are widely used in many fields of national economy. For automotive interior parts with a seat, armrest, headrest, door panels, instrument panel, steering wheel, bumper, cushion, fender, carpet backing, paints and the like.

for producing a non-slip mat is a polyurethane cast elastomer polyurethane elastomer (referred to as CPU) – polyurethane elastomer is the most widely used, the maximum output of a specific application print, plastic conveyor roll; profiling roller; seal applications in different fields, ball joint gaskets, bearings, bushings, different hardness elastomer selected range.

applied to the anti-skid pad has the advantage that the attachment is very strong and viscous, the disadvantages are also conspicuously dirty, monotonous products, for a long time at a high temperature of 70 degrees which is itself with the same PU material leather compatible dashboard cause damage.

3, silica gel

, also known as silicone rubber, transparent or milky white granular solid. Having an open porous structure, strong adsorption, can adsorb a variety of substances. Moisture absorbent, the absorbent amounted to about 40 percentage. Such as cobalt chloride, dried blue, red after absorbing water. Repeated use of renewable. Silicone components can be divided according to their nature and inorganic silicone and silica into two categories.

car mat material is silicone, silicone basic structural unit of the product is made of silicon – composed of oxygen link, is connected to the side chain of various other organic groups with a silicon atom. Accordingly, in the structural silicone product contains both organic groups, and containing an inorganic structure, this particular composition and molecular structure so that it sets the characteristics of organic and inorganic functions in one.

2. Use

bought with alcohol to avoid bacteria. Then in a ventilated environment, dry 12 hours. After the completion of such use, and it put the car meter stage, perfume and put some small debris above, very practical. Remember to be cleaned once a month, preferably with alcohol, of course, also be water, but the effect of alcohol is not good.

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