What is Audi connect Internet Technology?

Today, we all live in a networked environment, even everyone all the time in ldquo; online rdquo; state, all the time to send, receive new information. But whenever we get into the car, but more or less into the ldquo; dropped rdquo; state, because every car, every person, even the lack of communication between infrastructure including roads, including this state of isolation and independently operated so that the traffic safety and efficiency of travel greatly reduced. If you have to communicate with the interaction between people, vehicles, infrastructure, transportation travel will be more harmonious ldquo; Audi connect Internet Technology rdquo; came into being.

for the driver, Audi connect Internet technology to develop a series of customized services, such as video with Google Earth navigation system, Audi online traffic information, controlled by voice ldquo ; points of interest rdquo; search function and Google Street View and dramatically improves the ease of obtaining traffic information. In most Audi models, Audi connect Internet technology also offers a wide variety of terminal control platform for human-computer interaction, including: large-size knob, MMI touchpad handwriting, voice control system, as well as new touch knob. In addition, in the near future, Audi will break the shackles of traditional concepts, the introduction of innovative ldquo; a sense of gesture control rdquo; and other new human-computer interaction.

Audi connect Internet technology not only leading the advances in automotive technology, but also to promote the rapid development of the Internet. Wherein, ldquo; cloud data rdquo; Audi as e-tron models highlights techniques, may be in a server, and are free to download music, video, and applications to other vehicle-related information stored in the vehicle while the vehicle remote control function setting possible.

transmission of information related to Audi connect Internet technology, Audi uses the LTE (Long Term Evolution) mobile wireless communication standard, to achieve high-speed data transmission at the same time, the future of the vehicle between the vehicle and the infrastructure interconnection between will also play a crucial role. High-speed data transmission, not only can run real-time traffic status to the vehicle, but also to pass each other between their current driving state of the vehicle, the vehicle doThe judge in advance, achievement safer, more economical driving environment.

Audi connect Internet information technology to achieve high-speed interconnection between people, vehicles and infrastructure

Faced with an increasingly crowded urban space, parking the vehicle becomes particularly tricky. Audi connect Internet technology in a unique innovation is the remote parking (piloted parking), this technique allows the vehicle to automatically stop into the ground or underground parking spaces, and can be automatically pulled out of parking spaces based on demand, so that the driver easily complete stop and pick up the car. Placed in the parking lot central computer to monitor the movement of the vehicle by radar, and the nearest parking guide the vehicle through WLAN. Monitoring the vehicle itself through its own surroundings ultrasonic radar 12 and four cameras, automatic parking is completed safely. In the future, ldquo; remote parking rdquo; will provide a more intelligent version of the vehicle is automatically charged or automatic refueling possible.

Remote parking (piloted parking) will be completely free from the driver’s complex process of parking out

Audi connect Internet Technology will fully carry all online applications on Audi models in the future, to achieve all-round intelligent interconnection between the module and the occupants of the car, between cars and trucks, vehicles and infrastructure, and through sophisticated infotainment functions, the car comfort, security and intelligence to a whole new realm

Audi is currently migrating these functions science and technology concepts to the production car, but not all of the concepts and functions are really into the vehicle, as of currently, Audi connect Internet technology function can be seen in a few Audi with models, as time goes on, there will be more new models with similar features.

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