What is barrel-type instrument?

barrel-type instrument mainly for its style, it’s because some, like barrel shape, so it was this name.

Earlier, more barrel-type instrument appeared on the sports car or high-performance vehicles, the kind of deep design more or less with some publicity, Power also since been to create a sense of it. Because of this barrel shape in the design does not have any difficulty, so it is more and more models using civilians is not surprising.

at the time of barrel-type instrument has just implanted civilian vehicles, many people may feel a little publicity, barrel-type instrument while enhancing visual effects, for practical it is also helpful because it instrument ldquo; eaves rdquo; long, to avoid the reflection problem to some extent, the data in the instrument easier to read.

Even barrel instruments have been very common, but it is applied to the outstanding handling and performance sports car in the majority, so as to better reflect their sports features, but also allows the driver to have a more intense driving desires, many micro and small cars also used the instrument barrel design, no doubt also increase the trace of the original vitality skills-oriented car.

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