What is BMBS?

BMBS full name and introduction

BMBS flat tire monitoring and safety control systems (Blow-out Monitoring and Brake System), is the world’s first auspicious, and with independent intellectual property rights and patent a security technology. This technique is mainly for high-speed flat tire to prevent the vehicle caused by loss of control and design.

BMBS technology in 2004 January 28 officially licensed Chinese invention patents. In 2008 the first generation BMBS system officially meet with the world, BMBS brings together domestic and foreign automobile mechanics, cybernetics, aspects of human physiology, electronics and information science and engineering and technical personnel and other experts through a hundred test cars covering a distance of over five million kilometers reliability verification, to ensure product reliability.

BMBS product features and principle

core BMBS technical solution that is the use of intelligent automatic control system to compensate for physiological limitations of the driver, in after the puncture reaction time is 0.5 seconds, the driver alternative embodiment the service brake to ensure traffic safety. BMBS control system consists of two parts and a display system, the control system consists of four parts BMBS switch, BMBS host, BMBS extension, BMBS vacuum booster composition; displayed by the display system GPS, dashboard lights, language tips, brake flash bis lamp.

BMBS monitoring function

When the tire pressure is above or below the limit , abnormal tire pressure control sound and light tips. When the tire temperature is too high, the controller signals prompt the tire temperature is too high. The transmitter power is insufficient, the controller displays a low voltage warning. When the transmitter does not transmit the long-term interference signal, the controller displays no alarm signal. When the car key-on switches, BMBS first enter self-test procedure, the function of each detection system is normal, if not normal, the alarm lamp lit BMBS.

puncture intelligent control functions

encounter an accident puncture, and the vehicle speed 80km / h or more, the safety control starting BMBS , BMBS will be within 0.5 seconds of time, implement progressive automatic braking, the vehicle speed to a safe speed 40km / h is. BMBS with ABS and EBD combine to make the wheels do not lock a long time, cause the car to avoid the wheels from locking deviation, sliding and drift phenomenon, ensure safe and reliable vehicles.

BMBS flat tire system by the monitoring module (extension), computer control (host), electrically controlled service brake (brake device) The display terminal (GPS, instrumentation) and other components. Enhanced antenna receiving circuit design and its use, receiving three times the conventional tire pressure monitoring system efficiency. Braking control part of the drive is dual redundant, when a problem occurs all the way to control the drive, the second drive will be launched to ensure that the road system is functioning properly.

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