What is body parameters body length?


What is?

refers to the distance from the front to the rear most protruding position of the most projecting position. But hanging the spare tire and the like are not included in the body length.


You know what?

· body length, larger front and rear leg room, better comfort. But the vehicle turning and parking is also relatively difficult.

· body short leg in small space, is easy to produce poor comfort fatigue. But the flexibility of the vehicle better.

· divided according to the general level of the vehicle body length and wheelbase.


Further reading

Integral Active Steering Body and a longer wheelbase vehicles for the car brought a good comfortable ride space, but will also have an impact on the stability when turning radius at low speed and high speed vehicles. Use Integral Active Steering can effectively compensate for these problems. At low speeds, the rear wheels can rotate in a direction opposite to the front wheel angle, to reduce the turning radius, lift the vehicle cornering power. At high speed, the rear wheel can be rotated a certain angle in the same direction as the front wheels, to achieve a more flexibleAnd stable high-speed steering.

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