What is body parameters departure angle?


what’s the use?

car departure angle is measured by one performance indicator. The larger the departure angle, the more difficult the vehicle collision or when leaving steep obstacle.


Did you know?

· This parameter can not be completely determined by a car and off-road capability, but also other parameters comprehensive and practical point of view.

· departure angle is not only important for the SUV, sedan equally important, rolled off the curb or a small steep slope, ditch depression, etc. will encounter, the greater departure angle, the next obstacle more difficult to occur tail collision.

· some models equipped with a variable suspension because the body can lift, the departure angle value is not fixed.



The vehicle was loaded on a solid stationary horizontal plane, the plane of the outer edge of the rear tire the maximum departure angle is acute, and the like to ensure that any fixed rear bumper member in the car are above this angle.

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