What is body parameters luggage compartment volume?


What is?

luggage capacity of the luggage compartment of the vehicle is a measure of the loading capacity of the article, usually in liters (L) of the unit.


Did you know?

· trunk not only refers to the trunk. Some models for the rear engine, so the luggage compartment at the front.

* See table is found that there is a configuration parameter of the maximum volume of the luggage compartment, the loading capacity of the article generally indicates the rear seats recline.

· Some roadster will occupy part of the trunk space open roof, so this type of vehicle luggage compartment volume maximum value represents the reserve after the vehicle is turned off roof compartment volume.

· some models equipped with full-size spare tire, battery, disposed within the subwoofer luggage compartment space may be affected.

· In general, SUV, MPV larger luggage compartment volume of such level models, and have a certain scalability. But like a sports car such pay more attention to factors such as the shape and weight of vehicles, luggage compartment volume is relatively small.



is simply by a plurality of “module,”To fill in the trunk, calculate the sum of the volume filled stars premise is disposed within the trunk spare tire well, tools and other equipment and fill” module does not affect the “opening and closing the luggage compartment.

Measurement the method is based on unit People’s Republic of China Machinery industry standard – method of measuring the volume of reference standard car luggage compartment rectangular parallelepiped “unit” mold having a 10mm radius of the largest circle edge, a volume of 8 dm, 400 long. ± 4mm, width of 200 ± 2mm, high 100 ± 1mm. the plurality of mold units is filled into the luggage compartment, and then calculates the sum.

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car trunk is more commonly used to all the usual places, the manufacturers design more humane, not only can baffle separate storage, as well as with the use of fixed nets, it is indeed a lot of convenience in everyday use.

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