What is body parameters wheelbase?


What is?

axis moments, is the midpoint of the two wheels adjacent the same side of the vehicle by, and perpendicular to the distance between the two vertical longitudinal symmetry plane of the vehicle. Simply put, that is, from the front axle to the center of the rear axle center.


Effect of vehicle wheelbase cars

After the vehicle length is determined, the impact wheelbase take the space the most important factor, because the vast majority of the 2 and 3 car passenger car passenger seats are arranged between the front and rear axles. Long wheelbase longitudinal space so that the occupant is increased, will greatly increase the comfort of the foot space of the vehicle impact. Although the wheelbase is not the only determinant of interior space, but it is the fundamental factor.

wheelbase trim, the total length of automobiles, car minimum turning radius, the length of the drive shaft, longitudinally through the influence radius. Short wheelbase, the index decreased. Wheelbase also on the axle load distribution, transmission shaft angle of impact. After insufficient or too short wheelbase length cabin suspension will be too long, car uphill, braking and accelerating the shaft is too large charge transfer, or a brake actuating vehicle stability deteriorates, the angle of the vehicle body longitudinal vibration increases, for automobile ride unfavorable angle drive shafts increases.

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