What is brake force distribution (EBD / CBC)?

1. Noun interpretation braking force distribution device

The English name is EBD Electric Brakeforce Dis-tribution, Chinese interpreter is “electronic brake force distribution.” The EBD is possible due to the generation of the different charge transfer shaft braking cars, while the front automatic adjustment, the rear axle braking force distribution ratio, to improve the braking performance, and improve the ABS braking with stability. At the moment of the braking device EBD brake respectively different terrestrial four tires were attached to a computer with a high-speed induction, calculated the different values ​​of friction, so that the tire according to four different situations and different ways braking force, and continued rapid adjustment in motion, so as to ensure smooth vehicle safety.

CBC English name is Cornering Brake Control, Chinese literally translated as “automatic control curve.” When braking the vehicle turns, the CBC with antilock braking system (ABS) with the work, thereby reducing the risk of oversteer and understeer. Even under adverse driving conditions, can also ensure the stability of the vehicle. Some high version of the ABS system includes CBC function. If it detects the car might skid, CBC system reduces engine power and applying additional brake force to specific wheels when necessary, in order to take the necessary corrective measures on the car. Therefore, CBC can make the car in 1 second time to stabilize on the selected road. However, even such an advanced system can not violate the laws of nature, so that the driver should always maintain the best condition to understand the road conditions, drive carefully. Implication CBC complex computer control technology, i.e., “algorithms stability”, it can identify the trailer weight, and increased car load automatically compensated.

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