What is car air purifier?

1. The vehicle-mounted air purifier Classification and Properties

(a) the vehicle-mounted air purifier of ozone

Oxygen is a vehicle-mounted air purifier works out to produce ozone to purify the air inside the vehicle, to achieve the effect of improving the air quality inside the vehicle. Although ozone bacteria have a certain effect, especially for amines, nicotine, and other bacteria. However, when using this type of car air purifier, should pay due attention to the concentration of ozone in the compartment, because ozone in high concentrations, can produce secondary pollution, harm to human health.

(b) the electrostatic precipitator type vehicle-mounted air purifier

electrostatic precipitator type vehicle-mounted air purifier is needed in conjunction with other equipment to achieve efficient purification effect, because the vehicle-mounted type electrostatic precipitator an air cleaner does not completely adsorb and eliminate odor, it can not be completely decomposed toxic chemicals. At the same time, its purifying effect and the purification efficiency increases with the accumulation of suspended particles is decremented, require frequent cleaning and dust collecting plate to restore its effectiveness and efficiency, so the higher maintenance costs.

(c) Plasmacluster car air purifier

Plasmacluster car air purifier Sharp patents produced car air purifier. Each car special driving skills, the use of the Coanda effect, so Plasmacluster reached within the passenger compartment; Plasmacluster using spray generators unique, efficient, safe net ionic groups, removal of formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria, odors and allergens corner, left corner without purification; the use of up to about 17,500 hours before ion generator needs to be replaced.

(iv) type vehicle-mounted air purifier filter

type vehicle-mounted air purifier filter, the dust can be efficiently purified, formaldehyde, benzene, bacteria and other harmful substances in the car, but the filter type vehicle-mounted air purifier only passive inhalation of air purification, the vehicle-mounted air purifier due to limitations of power, generally do not have enough power fan, air inside the vehicle can not be sucked and purification, and therefore the filter type vehicle-mounted air purifier the purification capacity is also limited,Effective purifying effect.

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