What is car damage?

1. Overview

car damage

car damage means the insured person or an insured event occurs allowing the driver while driving the insured vehicle, causing the vehicle insured damage, the insurance company for compensation within a reasonable range of a commercial insurance.

2, the insurance liability

the insured person or allow the driver in the process of using the insured vehicle, resulting in the loss of the insured vehicle due to the following reasons, the insurer liable:
1 , collision, overturning, falling;
2, fire, explosion, spontaneous combustion;
3, a foreign object falling collapsed;
4, storm, tornado;
5, lightning, hail, rain, floods tsunami;
6, subsidence, ice trap, cliff collapse, avalanches, mudslides, landslides;
7, the insurance vehicle ferry carrying natural disasters (lorry drivers have limited caregiver).
when the insured event occurs, the insured is to prevent or reduce the necessary and reasonable costs of rescue vehicle damage insurance paid shall be borne by the insurer, the maximum amount not exceeding the amount of insurance.

In addition, when the insured event occurs, is to prevent or reduce the loss of insured vehicles insured is paid for necessary and reasonable costs of rescue, also paid for by the insurer, the maximum amount not exceeding the amount of insurance. Specifically compensation include:

First, the cost of repairing the insured vehicle due to the damage caused by the accident insurance liability arising from, and reasonable costs of rescue you take the vehicle, such as the loss of the insured vehicle under the normal exercise capacity situation Haulage.

Second, a reasonable cost to others (non-professional firefighting units) of fire-fighting equipment rescue consumed in the process, because the rescue and damage to property of others, should be part borne by the insured.

Third, employment in hauling trailer accident on the way, leading to reasonable expenses incurred by the insured vehicle part and protective measures to expand the loss.

the amount of compensation caustic danger include the following: the insurance company will your responsibilities in the accidentThe size of the compensation should be compensated for all the total amount of 80 percentage -95 percentage (section from the rest of the compensation provisions of the insurance terms). 80 percentage 90 percentage, the percentage of the insured full responsibility in the accident compensation primarily responsible for compensation 85 percentage, both sides bear equal responsibility for the accident compensation for the insured negative secondary responsibility of compensation 95.

3, indemnity

car damage

in the following cases, regardless of the loss caused by the insured vehicle for any reason, insurers do not responsible compensation: loss of vehicle insurance
(a) earthquakes, war, military conflict, terrorist activities, riot, seizure, confiscation, government expropriation;
(b) contest, test, repair in commercial service areas and maintenance period;
(c) the use of the insured vehicle to engage in illegal activities;
(iv) the driver drinking, smoking or injecting drugs, used by the insured vehicle after anesthesia drugs;
(e) the insured vehicle hit and run;
(vi) the driver has the following circumstances:
1, no driver’s license or driving a vehicle with a driver’s license to drive type does not match;
2, the public security traffic management department under the other part of driving without a valid license drive case;
3, using a variety of special machinery vehicles, vehicles issued by a person without a valid national authorities permit operation; driving camp Industry of bus drivers without valid state departments issued qualification certificates.
(vii) non-permitted use of the insured driver of the insured vehicle;
(viii) the insured vehicle does not have valid travel documents.
The following losses and costs
Article insured vehicle, the insurer is not liable for:
(a) natural wear, rust corrosion, malfunction, damage to the tire alone;
(b) alone and broken glass , no obvious signs of body scratches collision;
(c) artificial direct supply, losses caused by high-temperature baking;
(iv) causes a loss of spontaneous combustion caused by fire and unexplained; refers to spontaneous combustion due to the vehicle electrical appliances, wiring,Fuel system failure or cargo itself cause of the fire burning.
(e) after losses within the insurance coverage, without the necessary repairs continue to be used, thereby causing further loss of part;
(f) loss due to pollution (including radioactive contamination) caused;
(seven ) due to changes in market prices caused by the depreciation of the value after repair due to lower losses caused;
(viii) other than the standard configuration of the vehicle, uninsured losses of new equipment;
(nine) in the exhaust pipe and flooded or water intake pipe start, after flooding or start the vehicle without the necessary treatment, resulting in engine damage;
cargo (j) the insured vehicle crash, collapse, shock, loss caused by leakage;
( k) loss during the motorbikes caused due overturned;
(XII) is theft, robbery, robbery, and was due to theft, robbery, snatch damaged or car parts, ancillary equipment is lost; [123 ] loss (13) intentional acts of the insured or the driver responsible.
Article VIII other losses and expenses are not within the scope of insurance liability.

4, the standard rate

The following insured 80,000 Wan 8-20 35-50 20-35 Wan Wan 500,000 or more

Basic type vehicle premium rates substantially premium rates the basic premium rates substantially premium rates substantially premium rates
the following six buses 80 144 0.824 0.904 percentage percentage percentage 192 0.800 368 0.7496 640 0.6952 percentage percentage
6-20 bus 80 0.896 0.816 percentage percentage 192 144 percentage percentage 640 368 0.792 0.7416 0.6872 Percent
or more buses 20 144 80 0.936 0.856 percentage percentage percentage 368 192 0.832 640 0.7272 0.7816 percentage percentage
2 tThe truck 208 0.840 percentage 288 0.740 Percentage 368 0.700 Percentage 448 0.6768 percentage 528 0.6608 percentage
2-10 tons truck 208 0.976 percentage 288 0.876 Percentage 368 0.836 Percentage 448 0.8128 percentage 528 0.7968 percentage
10 tons of goods 208 1.168 288 368 1.028 1.068 percentage percentage percentage percentage 448 1.0048 528 0.9888 percentage

third party liability insurance rate tables (party and government organs, institutions car)
type of vehicle limits of liability 200,000 50,010 Wan 500,100 million 1,000,000 or more
6 the bus 660. 79292411441320
6-20 bus 704 83696812321408
more than 20 buses 9,681,144,136,415,841,760
2 t the following wagons 686.4 809.6 950.4 11,881,364
2-10 tons trucks 9,681,232,149,617,161,936
more than 10 tons of goods 1,408,193,624,642,816 3080
Note 1: the third-party liability insurance amounts, more than 1 million yuan when calculated as follows:
premium = N * A * / 2. Wherein:
A means the same level when the limit of third party liability insurance premiums 1,000,000
N = limit / 50 million, 50 million limit must be a multiple of

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