What is car modification mushroom head?


What is?

Name high volume air cleaner, because the shape looks like a mushroom, it is commonly known as mushroom head. Which is mounted in front of the intake manifold of the engine intake system, which is a cartridge or a clean air filter member composed of a few.



played intake air filtered off dust and grit and to increase the engine intake effect of gas efficiency, to ensure that a sufficient amount into the cylinder, clean air.



in accordance with the principles of the filter, the filter type air cleaner can be divided, centrifugal, oil bath, several composite. Conventional inertial air cleaner main oil bath air filter, paper dry air cleaner, the air cleaner filter and other types of polyurethane.



Inertial an oil bath air filter has inertial filtration through oil bath filter, three filter filteringFiltration. Inertial oil bath air filter having a small intake resistance, dusty work environment can adapt sandy, long life, etc., an air cleaner filter but this low efficiency, weight, cost, maintenance inconvenience, in a car engine being phased out.

Dry type air cleaner paper filter using microporous filter is made of resin-treated, porous paper, loose, folded, filtering by filter filtration, a certain mechanical strength and water resistance, having a high filtration efficiency, simple structure, light weight, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., but a short service life, is the most widely used for automobile air filter.

Polyurethane air cleaner filter cartridge made of soft, made porous, spongy urethane, filtration through a cartridge filter type, absorption ability, this air filter paper having a dry air filter the advantage is clear, but a low mechanical strength, shorter service life, the more widely in the car engine.

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