What is car modified anti-roll bar?


What is?

a U-shaped metal rod, is responsible for connecting both sides of the suspension.



When the vehicle is turning, the suspension is drawn inside of the curve, the outer compression, anti-roll bar case a torsional play a role to reduce the magnitude of tension and compression, so as to control vehicle roll rate.



The anti-roll bar diameter and length determines its anti-roll performance . At the time of conversion, we need to note that the anti-roll bar settings not only affect the roll rate of the vehicle, anti-roll bar different set of steering characteristic of the vehicle also has a very big impact. The stronger the anti-roll bar, the pressure in the outer wheels during cornering of the weight will be larger, the rate of weight transfer corresponding to the reinforcing of the outer side of the vehicle from this axis will likely be the first to reach the limit of the wheel, once beyond the grip of the tire to limit understeer and oversteer will produce. Most of the original models of the anti-roll bar settings are biased towards understeer, because this feature requires the driver technology is relatively lower, in line with the people in danger of oil revenues deceleration instinct.

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