What is car modified pneumatic shock absorbers?


What is?

may be changed by the length of the damping rubber balloon as the damper element by adjusting the air pressure.



Flexible damper rubber balloon, pressure control system, gas tank, an electronic control system, the connecting line.



is more sophisticated pneumatic shock absorber parts, and not the original suspension Like, have a resilient rubber balloon, the working principle of the elastic rubber bladder is charged into the pneumatic cylinder in a sealed pressure shock inert gas or gas mixture, cavity pressure several times higher than atmospheric pressure, or several times , using the pressure of the piston rod cross-sectional area smaller than the cross-sectional area to produce a difference to achieve movement of the piston rod. Pneumatic suspension is not suitable for driving on a variety of complex road conditions, driving long-term bumps in the road will lead to chronic leakage of pneumatic shock absorbers, pressure instability, tank temperature rises, eventually losing pneumatic control accuracy. So usually the maintenance of the pneumatic shock absorbers also have got the idea, periodically wipe the rubber balloon with detergent, the surface coated with rubber to avoid the corrosive oil, in addition to the elastic rubber balloon is not inflated long, long inflatable rubber bladder will decline somewhat elastic Therefore regularly fully release the air pressure inside the balloon and let the air bag to get moderate elastic recovery.



to improve ride comfort, by adjusting the vehicle as to minimize the change of the vehicle’s ground clearance through sexual . Visual effects better.

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