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What is chair massage?

Seat aspects related to the field of electronics, ergonomics, industrial design, etc., with the development of automotive technology, car seat from a simple component to the development of a more complex and require a relatively high degree of precision parts. Car seat function gradually extended, it has not only stick to provide good driving, riding posture. On the high-end cars, designer gives the car seat massage and ventilation functions in order to meet the growing demand of consumers.

the seat massage function is added in the seat pneumatic means, the air pressure provided by a pump of the engine compartment, there are four or more pressure chambers, respectively, within the seat back, to achieve the protection of the lumbar portion. Meanwhile, the pressure chamber is controlled by a computer mounted in the backrest of the electronic controlled oscillator, an electronic pneumatic pressure chamber oscillator changes according to a program prepared in advance, moving the seat along the seat to reach for the occupants massage the goal of. The seat has a massage function of the day people can work or drive for long hard relieve fatigue.

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