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What is child safety seat?


1 child safety seat

ISO FIX stands quot; International Standards Organisation FIXquot ;, Chinese meaning: International Organization for Standardization (child safety seat) fixing means. It is a new standard with regard to placement of the child seat in the car. The standards are accepted by many car manufacturers, whose role is that of the child seat installation quick and simple.

When the car factory interfaces ISO FIX has been fitted in the car. Child seat manufacturers to install ISO FIX child seat fittings on. Such ISO FIX child seat can be easily fixed to ISO FIX interface to the car’s.

ISOFIX-making is an important development, because many people can not properly install child seats, car safety seat survey shows that a large proportion of the child seat is installed is not secure enough.

At present, most of the child seat is placed on the car seat and use Messenger shoulder? (Sometimes using only the belt) is fixed. However, different models of cars have different seat belt and a fixed manner. Car seats of different shapes, different belt lengths shorter and the anchor point position, will cause some of the child seat is placed in a higher position or rearward. All these factors make manufacturing applicable to all models of the child seats become a problem.

developed ISO FIX is to solve all these problems. Its ultimate goal is to make any ISO FIX child seat you buy is suitable for your car, you simply plug it into a child seat interfaces can be.

ISO FIX Another effect is that it can establish a rigid connection between the child seat and the car to make it more stable.

Unfortunately, the development of standard ISO FIX technical details take a long time. After the completion of this work, regulations R44.03 must be updated to add new standards come in.

now the commercially available ISO FIX seat is currently only available on some of its tested models. For example British EMI fitness (the Britax) of the seat Duo ISO FIX has been tested and proven to be used on more than 80 kinds of models. To see if your car has ISOFIX interfaces, contact auto manufacturers and dealers.

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