What is configured hill assist control?


what’s the use?

· hill starts when the vehicle is not in a short time and will not slip on the hand brake on, to start full time driver.

· slope from the time the driver can avoid psychological stress and running around in circles.



* is not able to make the car in any case remain on a slope static, such as water or ice and other slippery surfaces may vary depending on the tires produced vehicles fell lack of grip.

· hill assist system is not exactly the same as the handbrake (electronic foot brake or hand brake) applies only to general hill-start, still need a long time parking handbrake tension.


Did you know?

· uphill assist system action time is limited, typically after 2 seconds, if not promptly release the brake pedal to the oil, there is the risk to slip.

– the system start conditions are: P range shift position is not in the vehicle stationary state, and not pull handbrake brakes hard.


Technology Principle

uphill assist system (Hill-start Assist ControL, HAC), the ESP system is developed on the basis of a derived function, which allows the vehicle to start at the slope does not apply the handbrake, the system away from the right foot brake pedal, braking the vehicle can continue to maintain a few seconds, so you can easily let the driver turn the accelerator pedal foot from the brake pedal to prevent slip car caused the accident, the driver will not let the rush. Further, the system also works when reversing on a slope.


Further reading

difference hill assist and automatic parking

is based on an automatic parking electronic parking brake, as long as the start function, whether in flat or sloping road will continue to maintain the brake system until the sensor senses the accelerator pedal is depressed.

and is based on uphill assist ESP hardware unit, detected by the sensor system will not operate when the vehicle is on a slope, and only a short holding time after automatic release of the brake, independent of the accelerator pedal.

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