What is daytime running lights?

1. Daytime running lights Glossary

refers to daytime running lights mounted on the front portion of the vehicle body, the vehicle driving in the daytime to be more easily recognized person lamp, a signal lamp one kind. The maximum effect of daytime running lights, not that beautiful! But rather to provide vehicle is recognized, that is to let other “road users” easier to see the car, let it know that a car drove up, open the headlights driving in foreign countries, can reduce vehicle accidents 12.4 percent, while It can also reduce the risk of dying in a car accident 26.4 percent.

Unlike ordinary daytime running lights near light, daytime running lights which is specifically designed, the percentage of 25 to 30 percentage of the light energy of only the near-normal . Using LED technology daytime running lights, energy saving effect is further enhanced, the energy consumption is only 10 percentage of beam light of the ordinary. When a car engine start, daytime running lights are automatically turned on, and continue to increase the brightness caused by other road motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians attention. When the night comes, the driver manually open near the light, daytime running lights are automatically turned off.

Indeed, the use of daytime running lights to improve road safety and reduce traffic accidents has played a positive and effective role. Cars, trucks and buses and other vehicles in the daytime running lights installed, its visibility has improved significantly, thereby increasing traffic safety.

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