What is daytime running lights?

1, meaning

refers to a vehicle daytime running lights be identified more easily when the daytime running lamps, mounted in the front portion of the vehicle body. That this is not a lighting fixture, not to make the driver can see the road, but to let people know there is a car coming, belongs to the category of lights.

2, claim

daytime running lights to meet the basic requirements of the luminance, but not too bright, to avoid disturbing others. Daytime running lights, a vehicle traveling in the daytime can be identified more easily lamp. Though not from the lighting effects, but its role is to give passers-by and vehicles to bring more alert, only one purpose, to traffic safety.

In fact, the greatest effect of daytime running lights, not that beautiful! But rather are provided identification of the vehicle (to be seen), open headlights in a foreign country, can reduce vehicle accidents 12.4 percent, while 26.4 percent also reduces the risk of dying in a car accident, so in early North America have a lot of after playing a new car launch, will automatically light up headlights, the EU also began to promote a few years ago! 2011 has started to enforce the implementation of general commercial vehicles to install DRL daytime running lights, large vehicles will also be expected to implement at the same time in 2012! (See article extends the end of the reading)

However, this type of early daytime running lights mostly uses a halogen bulb, although the power consumption is small, but with advances in technology, they are now the depot daytime Running light designed using mostly higher brightness LED configuration, can significantly reduce the power up to 35 percent, increased battery life, and LED maximum life expectancy of 80000h-100000h, almost equivalent to the life of the vehicle. Just constantly design new cars, new configuration DRL daytime running lights, and that for this type of design configuration No vehicles, light bulb or lamp manufacturers offer factory if there is a corresponding exclusive suite as an upgrade? It seems consumers are more concerned about the issue. daytime running lights

EU: Since 2011, new cars must install daytime running lights

In order to improve traffic safety, EU regulations since 2011, all new vehicles in the EU must install daytime running lights Austrian Langdon daytime running lights (DaytimeRunningLight, referred to as DRL). Unlike ordinary daytime running lights near light, daytime running lights which is specifically designed, the energy consumption is only ordinary daytime running lights 15 D03 primer percentage of beam light. Using LED technology daytime running lights, energy saving effect is further enhanced, the energy consumption is only 10 percentage of beam light of the ordinary. When a car engine start, daytime running lights are automatically turned on, and continue to increase the brightness caused by other road motor vehicles, non-motor vehicles and pedestrians attention. When the night comes, the driver manually open near the light, daytime running lights are automatically turned off.

those from EU countries have begun to explore the response of the provision point of view, the use of daytime running lights do to improve road safety and reduce traffic accidents has played a positive and effective role. Cars, trucks and buses and other vehicles in the daytime running lights installed, its visibility has improved significantly, thereby increasing traffic safety.

The legislation has not yet been discussed in the EU member states through joint director, industry representatives and non-governmental organizations which, if adopted by consensus, the new regulations: from 7 February 2011 onwards, the EU territory All new passenger cars and small trucks must be equipped with daytime running lights; from 2012 August 7, within the EU to all new types of trucks and buses must be equipped with daytime running lights.

. 3, daytime running lights LED

mounted on the front portion of the LED of daytime running lights, it is easier to identify the vehicle in the daytime running lamp. The effect is not to allow the driver to see the road, but to let people know there is a car coming. Therefore, running lights not lighting, but a warning light. Indeed, daytime transportRunning lights make the cars look cool, but that the maximum effect is provided by the vehicle discriminating. In short, during the day and traffic lights goal is to traffic safety.

Thus, in recent years, many countries have formulated relevant standards daytime running lights ensure that the production and installation of daytime running lights can really play a security effect. Where one of the most representative of the Economic Commission for Europe shall be classified into ECER79 ECE Automobile Technical Regulations. China also began January 1, 2010, between the performance “cars with lights daylight distributed by the National Standards March 6, 2009. Our standard as the base for the revision of the draft standard ECE R79 delete the management section and accessories in the fourth edition R79 ECE.


Specifications: 1)

The main technical requirements of ECE R87 and are identical.

Here, we will see a qualified product, how what DRL

First, the light of day specified in the standard to run the lamps is white, and color to color properties must meet the requirements specified.

white chromaticity coordinates:

Blue borders: x 0.310 p

Yellow 0.500: xle; border

Green Border: more than 0.150 0.640 x + y

Y 0.440le; x

purple border: yp 0.750 0.050 + x

red boundary 0.382: yp

second, the demand area not less than 40cm2 glow.

The most important point is that the light distribution characteristics, the basic needs of daytime driving light levels, but not too bright, to avoid disturbing others. Reflected in the technical parameters of the reference axis is not on the light emission intensity of the light emission intensity smaller than 400cd; other direction should be less than a certain percentage of the distribution of the light distribution of FIG 400cd product corresponding points; in any direction, the lamp does not light power should be more than 800cd.

FIG assigned light distribution

life: 5000H 2)

high and low temperature (3): 40 to 80 degrees

(4): 6000K color temperature of light

the method of installation 1, the installation position of the

in place his head kicked selection mode) (and try to avoid temperature, water is easy to place. daytime removal traffic lights installation instructions, the light during the day, after the day driving lights in the car will be fixed in vehicle lamp fixing screw hole drilled one day depending on the installation manual driving
[ 123] 2. installation of

1) check harness, driving any day two interfaces will use during the day are connected to light up (the interface instructions for use). Reference direction

2) Check the wire drive lines are black, brown, gray three cable. Black line choose to take car ignition switch output terminal; brown anode line, overlapping gray pipe is connected to the power supply it hid xenon headlights output terminal of a switch.

3) Connect the long wiring organized and secured in the vehicle interior wiring harness tied in place to avoid high temperatures (e.g., engine).


1. Select an installation position daytime driving light should be installed in temperature not higher than 80 degrees and easy to water.

2. Installation of attention and the direction of the interface of the traffic signal harness interface daytime (see specifications) and driving each color of the line connected to bus lines during the day, when the mounting position of the reference line (step II).

3. The car battery voltage is between 30V ~ 10 volts.

Common Problems and Solutions

1, open daytime lights

ignition switch is turned to open light switch, the case is closed, daytime running lights can malfunction, normal supply voltage

1) check the ignition switch output (30V 10 V ~): the following examination.

2) Check whether daytime driving light wiring installed correctly. (Black lines meet at an output terminal of the ignition switch, brown, gray lines in automotive cell cathode lamp output terminal of the switch picked up line)

3) The gray lines coming (not connected), the ignition reopen switch is checked whether light in the daytime ChangLiang driving. If the connection method ChangLiang gray error, to re-examine the gray output terminal meet this route is correct lamp.

4) is correct, these negative black checks the line connected to the anode of a battery car battery, brown, gray line driving lights coming inspection is normal daytime lighting. During the day, the light can be recalled driving lights mounting line (reference line installed), daytime driving light spot can not, must be replaced during the day or control traffic lights.

2, day ChangLiang driving lights

an ignition switch can not be opened, the daytime driving light will open the case should be checked as follows: Check if the black wire harness is connected to the black line (will ignition the output terminal of the switch).

3, turn on the light switches, traffic lights can not be closed during the day

1) and bright lights on lights, traffic lights can not be closed during the day. Is there a 10 ~ 30V supply voltage output switch multimeter to check the lamp output. And a normal output voltage, and must be improved security company, a wiring again, no voltage output should look light switches and the lamp power supply circuit is normal.

2) lamps on and ChangLiang, daytime driving light can not Close

This gray lines off, the anode will BaiTianHang light gray line car battery check is closed. Traffic lights during the day, gray line can not answer close to meet safety; strong daytime traffic lights, and then change the wiring can not be turned off driving lights.

3) after opening of the lamp switches, traffic lights can not be closed one day during the day can not be closed, open drive xenon lamp change switch, to check the compatibility of the vehicle during the day normally closed cap, can not be turned off if, instead of the harness.
4) turn on the light switch day two or three lights led drive must not be closedUnable to close one day replace the driving lights.

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