What is direct injection engine?


Did you know?

nozzle mounted in the combustion chamber, gasoline direct injection combustion chamber in the cylinder, the air enters the combustion chamber mixed with gasoline through an intake valve, and then ignited work.


practical application

In the direct injection technology VAG Group are widely used by Audi RS4 and R8 shared FSI 4.2-liter engine that is one representative powerful performance. Volkswagen Group, which can be regarded as an example of direct injection technology import most representative and now includes Audi and VW have been named FSI (the Audi brand) or TSI (VW, Skoda brand) direct injection engine as its higher-order power source cars, but also in Audi and VW cars top car, and even more in order to combine FSI turbocharged to increase the power.



advantages of in-cylinder direct injection gasoline engine is low fuel consumption, liters big power. Air-fuel ratio of 40: 1 (air-fuel ratio of gasoline engine is 15: 1), which is known as “the lean.” Inside the machine spherical piston top half and the other half wall, the air is rushed from the valve form one swirling motion of the piston under compression, when the compression stroke is about to end, at the top of the combustion chamberStart injection nozzle, a mixed gas of gasoline and air to form a swirling motion under the effect of this hybrid rapidly rotating gas is hierarchical, more concentrated closer to the spark plug, ignition is easy to do work. Compression ratio up to 12, compared with the general engine of the same displacement power and torque are increased by 10%.

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