What is driving recorder?

1. Introduction

whenever accidents occur, these are dialogue again and again come in threes, so obviously the fact, but a quibble but encounter each other in every possible way, knowing the facts is not the case, but we can not refute the evidence, when the traffic police arrived at the scene processing, relying on only two sides scene of the accident and Liangzao statement, drawing the accident site map. However, vehicle damage small things, if traffic accidents involve casualties, road monitors did not shoot, or the lack of witnesses to come forward evidence, are necessary indemnities trouble it? Let justice the perpetrators do not get it? Recently in the major media regularly reports on the Internet or TV drive recorder function can be said that the use of the car black box, then you can start the engine by video functions through camera lens, will travel en route video and audio vehicle complete records when an accident occurs, immediately present evidence, the right to self-protect the driver.

2, the role of product analysis

1, after installation of the product to provide evidence of a traffic accident, the entire process can be recorded cars the video images and sound, can be provided inside the sensor sensitivity of the impact force, when the external impact force greater than the set value, causing the impact force field data will be recorded. 2, many accidents put an end to fraudulent insurance act is caused due to illegal, after the installation of this product, 20 seconds before and after the accident scene can clearly reproduce, the complete elimination of acts of manufacturing fake site fraudulent insurance. 3, capable of recording 200 hours recording uninterrupted video when the malicious scratching behavior of the vehicle when parking parking, if the malicious behavior of scratching the car, can be recorded products. 4, where the product was observed after vehicle fuel consumption trip computer connection, the display may illustrate the fuel injection duration, throttle opening, speed, engine RPM information, fuel consumption of the vehicle is observed.

3, product features Analysis

1, dual camera built-in camera (1.3M, CMOS, 140 degrees, WDR) and external camera can be two-way video simultaneously. (WDR: wide dynamic display technology, when there are lights at night can reduce glare.)

2, voice prompts the machine starts, the detection SD card, GPS signal reception

3, built-in GPS module displays the time, date, vehicle speed, direction of travel, and GPS coordinates (latitude and longitude) during video playback. Google Maps software to analyze geographic location and driving route, directly receive Google satellite map.

4, the vehicle reflected in real-time 3D sensor built 3D balance

. 5, the compression format H.264, MPEG4 file storage format professional surveillance H.264 compression, no data is lost; the MPEG4 file storage format, can be played on standard software inside, video, audio, balance, speed, location can be simultaneously displayed in the player inside.

6, recording function built-in microphone, a sound recording

7, video output may be connected to car DVD, display and other display tools.

8, seamless storage for storing documents not miss a second.

9, SD card storage (up to 16GB) when the SD card memory is full, it will automatically overwrite the old file store new files.

10, power saving: When a vehicle collision resulting in death car fire, or normal car stalled, the machine will continue recording after a power outage for 30 seconds, and then save the file shut down.

11, emergency record: When vehicle collision or emergency braking, the device will record as an emergency saved in the event folder.

4, the product structure

Product Structure

tachograph is typically mounted on the windshield, most of the tachograph is used in the chuck embodiment, there are some products using glue sticky way. Generally, the tachograph built battery, the power line may be lighter in order to maintain access to power.
car black box will have hidden many owners are generally not noticed because they are placed under the seat or in the dashboard, is an integrated part of the vehicle electronics. For most people, probably could not tell whether your vehicle is equipped with a black box car.
Data read Data
tachograph recorded accurately and comprehensively, simultaneously as it can record the time, traffic locations, and the view of the driver while driving. Data records will be automatically stored in a data card (SD, TF), just as digital camera memory card we use the same, you can browse on your computer. Of course, because of its own with a display screen, which means you can record to-play that is in the car.
car black box recording traffic within five seconds before the collision speed, acceleration, deceleration, braking and other data. These data are not so easily accessible. Original car you want from such an event recorder data is not easy, in fact, even some car manufacturers can only read the data.
Start run
General tachograph long as power is connected to the car, usually automatic start function. Do not underestimate this automatic start function, in fact, it is very necessary. Because you are likely because such an action would not bother to repeated forgot to turn on or is caused by loss record, so that a very useful tachograph will exist in name only.
car black box is very different, researchers have developed car black box was originally designed to track the cause of the activation of the airbag. Therefore, it will be activated in just a few seconds before the collision. And this activation has continued ever since.
relevant tests fluency test: On the highway, the vehicle to the 120km / h video, basically able to see whether there is the phenomenon of the picture cards. If you have the tachograph record is not ideal.
night vision test: If you can set the exposure time, switch to take pictures state, at the same time come up with your digital camera or cell phone to set the same exposure time and resolution, shoot the same scene,Comparing the image quality; night to road lighting or brighter than the dark for photographing and then comparison is performed, while it may be tested whether the resolution of the problem.
Notes a camera shooting angle to be bigger, is conducive to a comprehensive record of the vehicle surrounding circumstances. Note, however, the camera angle can not be too exaggerated, so as not to shoot out of the picture distorted.
Second, the tachograph to have better resolution imaging, night shooting capability. High-definition is determined by the tachograph master chip, this time, the owner will need to focus on driving recorder controller chips what kind of image processing solutions. There is a tachograph have enough storage space to be able to achieve effective long video.
Third, try to choose a good concealment, can reduce the risk of theft of the hit window. Optional Method


1, see video quality tachograph
tachograph critical resolution images. If the picture tachograph shooting is not clear, then the tachograph will lose value. Currently driving recorder HD 720P resolution are above. Generally, the tachograph 1080P video resolution at the license plate can be clearly seen.
Method 2, see night vision tachograph
night vision tachograph was to evaluate an important indicator of “what brand tachograph good”. Night vision tachograph key is to look good or bad resolving power of the lens, and an image processing power.
Usually tachograph price 500 Yuan, night vision is not high. Note that: some two or three hundred of tachograph sales business, will take seven or eight hundred tachograph taken out of the video posing.
Method 3, see tachograph function
a reliable quality to the drive recorder includes a gravity sensor, recording closed loop recording function. Some of the tachograph in order to attract brand owners to purchase, add a lot of bells and whistles. Common “tasteless” function Bluetooth, GPS positioning, mobile speed and other additional features.
Method 4, see tachograph wide size
In theory, the better tachograph wide. But the greater the tachograph wide-angle shooting more serious picture distortion. Wide angle exceeds 90 degrees, the screen started to deform some tachographWide publicity can reach 180 degrees and, if so, the picture distortion will be very serious. We recommend purchase between owners of 140 ° -170 °.
The method, see the tachograph sales volume and favorable rate
if the owner is ready to online shopping traffic recorder products, the best “shop around”, you can see sales and praise of the tachograph, which is to determine traffic the most simple and effective way logger quality is good or bad.
Method 6, see the tachograph whether to miss the second, interfering signals
Master Wang said, some owners purchase price is too low tachograph, the results reflect tainted seconds and navigation signal interference problem. Therefore, the owners at the time of purchase tachograph, be sure to see if there reflects the owner tachograph leakage seconds and interference navigation signals, generally below 300 yuan tachograph will the existence of this problem.
while traffic accidents and accident disputes, tachograph timely record the real situation, and prevent Pengci Responsibility unclear, which is why more and more private car owners began to reach out and install tachograph the reason.
However, the tachograph market is in the early stage of development, lack of industry standards. This leads to the cottage tachograph brands flooding, many small manufacturers have the “make a left” mentality. Therefore, the owner at the time of purchase tachograph, do not blindly listen to business promotion, it’s best to compare.

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