What is driving the car configuration?


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cars arranged – front axle, rear axle, the center differential lock, which is arranged and three associated differential lock, because the principles involved are the same so introduction to merge together, to make it easier to understand the concept of differential lock, we must first look at what is differential and its role and drawbacks, because it simply, a differential lock is used to lock the differential fixture.


automotive differential of the car is driving the main member. Its role is to simultaneously transmit power to the axle on both sides, both sides of the axle to allow rotation at different speeds, to satisfy both sides of the wheel are not equidistant as possible with a pure form of a rolling, reducing the friction of the tire with the ground.

Function of the differential

car wheel when negotiating a curve trajectory of a circular arc, if the car turns left, the left side of the center point of the arc, at the same time, take the wheel on the right side of the arc longer than the left wheels, in order to balance this difference, we should slow down a bit to the left wheel and right wheel a little faster, with a different speed to compensate for the difference in the distance.

For full-drive vehicle, the vehicle is equipped with three differential that four wheels may be rotated at respective different speeds and different torques automatically allocated according to their different ground adhesion, to ensure good vehicle driving force.

If one side of the drive wheels lose grip why the vehicle can not move forward? That is because when the side of the wheel after losing grip, which is equivalent to the resistance side of the wheel is zero, and the resistance of the other side of the wheel with this side is too large for the loss of grip, and in doing follow housing revolution at the same time, the planetary gear differential in itself will frenzied rotation, the steady stream of power passed to the side of the wheel that loses grip, the car will stay put.

The problem how to solve it? Here our hero debut, differential lock solves this problem:

Differential lock

Function differential lock when a wheel slip, the axle locking differential case integrally with the differential loss differential effect, all of the torque can be transferred to the other side of the drive wheel.

differential lock a good solution to the problem of the power transmission side of the car occur when wheel slip, i.e. locking differential, so that no differential function, left and right drive wheels the same torque can be obtained.

Therefore, in accordance with the position of the points, a good three four-wheel drive differential lock should have, i.e. the central differential lock, the front axle differential lock and the rear axle differential lock.

is responsible for controlling the center differential lock torque distribution of front and rear wheels, the front axle differential lock torque distribution responsible for about two front wheels and the rear wheels empathy.


English referred to as EDS, also known as EDL. It is an extension of ABS, used to identify the wheels of the car is not losing ground friction, thus the car’s acceleration skid control. EDS works is relatively easy to understand. In the car during acceleration, the electronic control unit determines when the wheel speed signal when one side of the wheel slip, the EDS to work automatically, the appropriate intensity braking wheel via a hydraulic control unit, thereby improving the other side of the drive wheel attached utilization, increase capacity of the vehicle. When the vehicle driving conditions return to normal, electronic differential lock stop working. Compared with ordinary vehicles, vehicles with EDS can make better use of traction to improve the operation of the vehicle. It can be said, EDS is quite practical.

Differential lock assembly generally in the upscale off-road vehicle, such as Audi Q7, BMW X5, Mercedes GL, etc., and three differential locks fitted models is not much, usually only the central differential lock .

cars arranged – tachometer

tachometer is used to display engine speed can visually see and know the engine speed, the engine exceeds warn drivers the speed limit, the engine speed is too high to prevent damage to the internal parts and affect drivers, passengers ride safe!

rotational speed in rev / min, i.e. RPM maximum speed, a now vehicle, civilianLike in 6000-7500rpm.

cars arranged – driving computer

-board computer is also known ECU (ElectronicControlUnit) an electronic control unit, also called dedicated microcontroller car. Like its ordinary microcontroller, a microprocessor (CPU), memory (ROM, RAM), an input / output interface (I / O), analog to digital converter (A / D) and shaping, driving LSI and the like composition.

In fact, all vehicles are controlled by an electronic, that has a computer in each vehicle. We referred to here is one that can trip computer display: outdoor temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, average speed, average fuel consumption, mileage, driving time and other system information.

cars arranged – Cruise Control

Cruise Control (CRUISECONTROLSYSTEM) of CCS for short, also called cruise control with means, speed control system, autopilot systems. GM is the originator of automobile cruise control system, they will be the first cruise control system allows the driver to drive for uniform 1959 Cadillac Series. Effect

cruise control system


cruise control speed requested by the driver by the engagement switching without throttle pedal speed is automatically maintained so that the vehicle fixed speeds. Using this arrangement, when driving on the highway for a long time, the driver controls the accelerator pedal would not go to reduce fatigue, while reducing unnecessary speed changes, the fuel can be saved.

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