What is dual-engine supercharged engine?


What is?

turbocharger plus supercharger, what the result is equal to it? The answer of course is two-pressurization system. Turbo system and supercharger systems respectively have their own advantages and disadvantages. Thus combine the advantages of both.



of a turbocharger and a a dual-engine supercharging system composed of the supercharger along with a dual turbocharger system and the technical advantages supercharger systems, and the two different types of integrating the booster system and the complementary advantages. As a public company will be the first turbocharged and supercharged two different types of pressurized twin supercharged engine system used in the production model of the car manufacturers, the application of technology in dual turbocharging system is already quite mature.



bis supercharging the system solves engine supercharger system and poor fuel economy turbocharging system easily generated at low speed “turbo lag” phenomenon problem, however, due to the complex structure of a dual plenum system, difficult to match the engine, manufacturing requirements for engine parts is higher, therefore, the application is currently only implemented on individual models.

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