What is E-NCAP?

1.E-NCAP’s Glossary

E-NCAP namely Euro-NCAP (European New Car Safety Evaluation Association), the automotive industry’s most prestigious safety testing organization, founded in 1997 by the European governments of the five countries to advocate for us. The EU is a combination of organizations, academics and high-tech engineering technician the establishment of a professional security evaluation organization, where sales of new cars in Europe, sales of cars will be required to provide to the Euro-NCAP crash test conducted through the Euro- NCAP professional and rigorous safety evaluation, through the speed of 64Km / h frontal impact and side speed of 50km / h crash test results provide evidence on the choice of European consumers buy cars.

Euro-NCAP was established in 1997, over the years, has tested more than 165 models of best-selling cars in Europe. This organization regularly publish models on the market impact results and make a traffic accident and casualty statistics analysis, to provide guidance and suggestions for improvement to auto manufacturers, auto companies has become an important norm of product development, improving vehicle safety performance a significant effect. Crash test results points to a five-star (highest five-star), a test project for the frontal impact (later canceled), side impact, side impact cylinder, pedestrian protection and the protection of children inside the vehicle.

2007 of the Euro-NCAP vehicle every department participated in the test conducted three (adult protection section, child protection and pedestrian protection part part) independent scoring, scoring each part separately and assign stars, eventually the result is equivalent to the total star adult protection section, and the other two parts are not credited to the score. 2009 was revised rules, the overall level of assessment that final star will score all the parameters given project, companies want to achieve good results on every project must get a high score. In addition, to enable manufacturers to pay more attention to active safety, E-NACP increased “security assistance” one.

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