What is engine fuel number?


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Currently on the market gasoline 90,93,95,97 like reference numerals, these figures represent the octane number of gasoline antiknock also represents, regardless of the clean gasoline. In accordance with the requirements of the automotive manual refueling, more scientific, more economical, and can give full play to the efficiency of the engine.


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Compression selected grade of gasoline than

Automotive primary standard engine is the compression ratio, but also the core of contemporary automotive energy-saving targets. By running the engine cylinders’ intake – compression – combustion – exhaust – suction “This cycle of movement composed of the piston stroke than the farthest point and the nearest point when the cylinder volume is compressed ratio. The best way to effect the lowest cost to reduce fuel consumption is to increase the compression ratio of the engine.

and knock antiknock

is generally believed that when the piston is at about 10 degrees after top dead center of the stroke, the maximum combustion pressure, maximum efforts to promote the piston. For example, 1000 rpm when the combustion process is equivalent to the crank angle of 20 degrees, 10 degrees, that is pre-ignition engine, the most powerful. And to 4000 rpm, the faster movement of the piston, the combustion process is equivalent to a crank angle of 60 degrees, 50 degrees requires pre-ignition, so the speed increases, the ignition advance is increasing. Will eventually reach a speed, not oil and gas ignition to burn up, this is the knock.



93 oil 90 oil than 5 percentage expensive, but also about 5 small percentage of energy consumption, fuel consumption than 100 kilometers from the amount of money is theoretically equal. But considering the 93 high compression ratio of the engine oil match with 90 oil when the secondary combustion and incomplete combustion phenomenon occurs, the extra 5 percentage -8 percentage of power loss, then consider increasing maintenance costs caused by vehicles, condition decline , reducing life expectancy and a series of consequences, lowering the cost of oil standard on the go.

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