What is fatigue monitoring system?

Daily traffic will encounter the day before we sleep too little, too poor sleep quality; very good road conditions causing road single case; encountered sandstorms, rain, fog, snow weather conditions; for a long time, long-distance traffic; excessive speed or too slow; there is a time limit to reach the destination, etc., these will be your driving factor induced fatigue, even outside the car or vehicle noise and vibration grave itself; improper seat adjustment and other factors can cause you to fatigue driving, and induce traffic accident.

when you drive gear is not timely, accurate, you are already in mild fatigue; operation action when you experience sluggish, sometimes forget operation will be carried out, it indicates that you are moderate fatigue; when there appeared a short time operation or subconscious sleep phenomenon, indicates that you are severe fatigue, often wake up already lead to disaster. Before the crisis happens, the first signs of driver fatigue can be detected out, then the best time to sound the alarm sounded often is to save you from the hands of death.

Common market monitoring fatigue monitoring system in accordance with different principles thereof, will be divided into two types, one is the monitoring of multiple characteristics of the driver fatigue under conditions of an infrared-based DSP. Another method is to monitor the operation or real-time behavior of the driver of the vehicle based on the track.

BYD driver fatigue warning system equipped fatigue monitoring system is referred to as “driver fatigue warning system (BAWS)”, which is an image based on the physiological reactions of the driver, the ECU and two camera modules, using the facial features of the driver , means eye signal, mobility header and the like to infer the fatigue state of the driver, and the alarm and take appropriate measures. Give active intelligence of security for the occupants.

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fatigue recognition system

fatigue monitoring system equipped with Volkswagen’s called “fatigue recognition system,” which will be on the operating behavior of the driver’s driving record from the beginning, and can travel long distances through the identification changing driving operation of the driver’s fatigue level determination. Driver’s steering operation frequency becomes low,And accompanied by a slight but abrupt steering operation to keep typical manifestation of the direction of travel is driving energy is not focused. The frequency of occurrence of the above operation, the length of the journey and such synthesis, the use of turn signals, driving time and other parameters, the system calculates the degree of fatigue of the driver and the discrimination, if the calculation result exceeds a certain value, flashes on the instrument panel a coffee cup pattern, suggesting that the driver needs a break, driver fatigue recognition system will focus on the extent of the driver’s attention as an important consideration to measure the driver’s driving state, in an effort to improve road safety. Further, as long as the open fatigue recognition system, regardless of whether the system monitor, the system will alert the driver needs to 4 hours rest intervals.

Attention fatigue monitoring system Benz assistance system equipment is referred to as “attention Assist System”, the system will continue to detect driving pattern of the driver. There are sensors on the vehicle 71, detects longitudinal and lateral acceleration of a steering wheel and pedal sensor system can sense that the driver is driving in a vehicle speed range of fatigue between 80-180km / h, then the appropriate prompt should rest.

“Mercedes-Benz GLK and ML attention on the configuration of the secondary system.”

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“red box prompts for the Mercedes-Benz E-class attention assist”

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[ 123] more exciting video, all in video channel driver safety warning system fatigue monitoring system equipped with Volvo is called “driver safety warning system (DAC)” this system allows the driver to enter the vehicle easily into a relaxed state of straight, flat road, the driver easily distracted and environmental nap, and when the speed over 65 km / h, will be activated. Driver safety warning system consists of a camera, a number of sensors and control units. The camera is mounted between the interior rearview mirror and the windshield, constantly measuring the distance between the vehicle and the lane marker, the signal emitted by the digital camera and the motion from a steering wheelThe data monitor vehicle travel routes, DAC can put abnormal driving conditions and your driving style compared to normal; a sensor records the movement of the car; the control unit stores the information and calculates whether there is danger of losing control of the car. If your driving behavior is detected signs of fatigue or distraction occurs, the result of the assessment is high risk that alerts the driver via sound signal. In addition, on the dashboard also displays a text message with a coffee cup symbol to alert drivers to rest.

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