What is fixed transmission gear ratio of the transmission?


What is?

by a different gear ratio to the vehicle speed change of the transmission ratio of the transmission, called the fixed teeth, it is an electric vehicle transmission.



It is well-known transmission member, bearings and on the basis of a variety of standard parts, motor flange disposed between the motor and the transmission, the motor and the transmission as a single entity. Motor output shaft is connected directly into the transmission sleeve, the sleeve is connected via a power to the transmission shaft, a driven gear meshing with the differential gear housing on a shaft, the driven gear to drive the driving wheels and the differential rotation to complete the power transfer.



According to the present invention, the power transmitted directly by the motor a transmission, the power directly to two wheels, reducing the power loss, and has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, low production cost.


Motor vehicle transmission

development of electric vehicles in automotive history is just a small step, and now most of the electric car uses a single-pole transmission, single-stage transmission is matched only by compact structure, we can achieve the performance of ordinary power models. It is always with a block, complete travel from the start to a top speed of. This corresponds to an open fuel vehicle, with no shift with the start of a block, until the rotational speed is pulled up to the red zone, the engine output torque can not return to the optimum range, then the acceleration force is greatly reduced. This allows the car to accelerate in the latter stage becomes very tired. Currently pure electric vehicles, we have not seen the presence of the multi-stage transmission. In use of the plug structure hybrid models, BMW has lead to a front wheel drive motor assembly with a compact structure “two-stage” transmissions separately. I believe the future use of pure electric vehicle multi-stage transmission, electric vehicle development will bring greater progress.

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