What is glass / mirrors electric windows?


what’s the use?

occupants of the window can be controlled without manually operated, in everyday driving convenience and safety can be improved.



Simple operation, motor provincial and effort than manual windows.

· main driving position can be controlled simultaneously lift a plurality of windows.



Structural complexity relative to the manual windows, higher maintenance costs.


Error: different

Power window · button in a window lift, the power window lift long press button, leave to stop lifting.



power window lift function is accomplished by a hoist motor and , each have a motor to control the window up or down the window. Power windows usually equipped with two sets of models in the car window control system, located in a driving position, it is possible to control all movements of the window; another set located on each passenger door, the passenger door window can be controlled separately lift. Power windows gradually replaced the traditional rotation of the crank down the glass, the glass lift more lightweight, comfort, automation. After driving position of the glass rear window lift control area as well as isolation, rear child or pet if mistakenly hit the elevator button is a very dangerous operation, the driver can lock on the rear windows electrically adjustable according to the situation in order to avoid row of misuse.

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