What is Glass / Mirrors Power Mirrors?


what’s the use?

can be carried in the vehicle driver by the rearview mirror angle adjustment buttons, the driver easily find a better visibility to the rear. It can be turned by reversing the function of adjusting the mirror, see the lower side of the vehicle, to avoid scratching.



After the electric mirror means controlling electric exterior mirrors, interior mirror does not involve the inner.



via two miniature motor in the rearview mirror the driver only in the car control buttons to operate the motor driving the tilting mirror about made to adjust the position. Button which is generally designed on the left of the steering wheel, the left and right rear-view mirror can be individually adjusted.


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class cars section when reversing the mirror automatically turned for a certain angle distance from the driver’s own roadside view, but after hanging forward gear, automatic return mirror bit, this feature is more advanced application of electric rearview mirror.

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