What is glass / mirrors UV / insulated glass?


what’s the use?

Sun filter, reduce the harm caused by ultraviolet radiation on the skin, it has a function of blocking UV radiation transmission (reflection or absorption). Insulation make the car to ensure that air-conditioning effect, reduce the influence of light on the ambient temperature or the temperature inside the car.



[123 ] in fact, the vast majority of ordinary glass has a different degree of absorption of ultraviolet.



In a glass production, achieve a glass UV and thermal insulation function by the manufacturing process and post-coating and other coating techniques.


Further reading: [ 123] there are many car windscreen further coating, reflective coatingProcess or improving composition of the glass, only to let the sun visible light to enter the compartment, blocking ultraviolet and infrared, to a large extent reduce the hot pain suffered by the occupant. This is called “green glass” of the modern car glass, now widely used.

can be divided into an insulating glass XRB1, XRB3, three kinds of insulating glass coated three bluish green glass is close to colorless glass. Wherein XRB1 absorbing glass is a phosphate; XRB3 absorbent is a silicate glass; glass insulating coating is heat insulated barrier nanopowders.

The insulating glass windows can significantly improve the function of reflecting the infrared rays, but a slight impact on the received radio technology due to absorption and there is a big difference, will be a function of reflecting reflection function.

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