What is glass / mirrors window anti-pinch hand function?


what’s the use?

in one-touch power windows ascent, if a child put his hand out the window or other items affecting rise windows, the window will stop rising and fall some distance, to avoid injury.



– when glass himself will stop or return by external forces, to ensure that the crew hurt.

· protected lifter motor, and prolong life.



· While power windows in case of obstruction during ascent It can automatically stop, but still give a limb to bring mild pain.

· In models with this feature is not four doors are equipped with anti-pinch function.



In the one-touch window lift system using an inverter circuit of the motor, whenWhen there are obstacles encountered, inverter electric motor will swing to achieve the anti-pinch hand function.


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pinch function in Europe and the United States have established the appropriate industry standards, a large number of cars using the power windows, and the windows do not have a lot of anti-pinch function. Power windows in the crowd by injury in children aged 6-15 years old in the majority, in order to ensure safety, more and more manufacturers to configure the anti-trapping windows. The function encountered some resistance in the glass will soon stop rising up or down to a minimum, to provide protection for your personal safety. When you were down on the window if your child happens to put his hand out the window, the window is not equipped with anti-pinch function will cause harm to your child, and if have this feature, it can in this case Protect your child from under the glass pinch.

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